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Page of G3N

Hello, I have a ridiculous user name and i've been playing Shartak for a while...

Used to be known as Zeff, until I decided I had enough of the nonsensical (but manly) Pirate Hunter antics. The Pirate Hunters were one of the first radical anti-pirate groups and an attempt to bring some over-the-top theatrical humour to Shartak.

Currently, I have two active characters -

G3N Member of the 1st Derby Privateers a slightly insane pirate and frequent visitor to Derby...

Master Teeth A cannibal of Rakmogak... not yet sure what i'm going to do with this character...

I have some (questionable) drawing skills and like sketching stuff in MS Paint.

At the moment I am drawing a bunch of comics based on the history of Shartak - The First Battle of York

I hope to draw more...

Also I am drawing depictions of "famous" characters of Shartak - characters that helped to shape Shartak's...uh... character...

I intend to wikify these, if I manage to draw about five... something for the historical/RP section. Profiles

...Also I miss The Yorkman...

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