Pirate Defense Force

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The Pirate Defense Force|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" http://wiki.shartak.com/images/0/05/PDF.jpg
Leadership: Founder: Rozen and Current Leader: Patch
Members: Unknown
Goals: Bring bloody justice to the Wreck
Recruitment policy:
Contact: JRG-PDF Forum [1]

'Face the judgement!' Rozen said. 'In the end, all pirates are judged by King Death, the living skull and crossbones on your flags.' he waved his cutlass for effect. 'If he finds you wanting, its to the court of the Sea-Daemon! So avast! Repent! Slay the mutineers, cut down the murderers, take the hands of the thieves! The Pirate Defense Force is here to save your asses, if not your souls!' - Rozen, mocking Lutheran.

The Pirate Defense Force! YARR!

You want blood? Yes.

You want to get your keel hauled? No.

You been killed? Yes.

You want revenge? Of course you do.

You want sweet bloody revenge against your killer?

Join us Help us to rid the wreck of mutineer scum.


NOT Petey, NOT Blacktooth.

Patch is inactive, so can't vouch for Rozen to be made leadership by Simon. The PDF is kind of stuck at the moment.


PDF Formed separately from the JRG. Rejoice!

People in the PDF are so mighty that they get four zerg accounts made with the sole purpose of killing them. Rozen now has four separate fans; Rozen Sucks, Rozen Blows, Kill Rozen and 4th Rozen, because Petey ran out of imagination. Hail Rozen!