Greater Shartak Unification Coalition

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Greater Shartak Unification Coalition
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In-game page
Leadership: De La Coiffe, Bahl, and Serious Sam
Members: 37 active as of 27 February 2009
Goals: A Greater, Unified Shartak!
Recruitment policy: You must sympathise with the outsider cause and reject the natives' misguided ways.
Contact: DLC

"Savages, sorry about your damn luck..."


Too long has turmoil beset the outsider lands in light of rising native powers. Inspired by the grace of God, the York patriot Bahl spoke up against the violent policies of the native kingdoms in the island forum, attracting the talents of the Frenchman, De La Coiffe. Supported by the York luminary Serious Sam and the 1st Colonial Militia, and the Defender Corps of York, Bahl and De La Coiffe initiated a crusade against the Kingdom of Skulls and their political pawns.

Since then the Coalition has grown larger and more dominant in Shartak's affairs. We seek to unify the island by truncating native influence on outsider lands and culture, and simultaneously working towards the unification of rightful colonialist territory.


  • The island-wide purging of the impure savages and their sympathisers alike
  • Cutting off foreign influences on colonialist lands
  • Organising with other pro-outsider groups to raid native villages
  • Creating a worksafe environment for the common outsider
  • Strengthening the social structure of the three colonial towns.

Clan History

October 2008

  • In response to growing native imperialism, GSUC organises under the command of De La Coiffe, Bahl, and Serious Sam of the 1CM, and proceeds to raid Wiksik, capital of the Kingdom of Skulls. Wiksik's shaman, Tapran, is slain by GSUC forces for many consecutive days, and the Wiksik medicine hut becomes a slaughterhouse. Wiksik is charred to the ground within three weeks.

November 2008

  • GSUC acquires the ruins of the former Independent Republic of Fort Creedy with the aid of /zom/ and renames it to Great Southall. Solemn subsequently betrays the Coalition and sides with the Kingdom of Skulls, plunging the Durham Peninsula into civil war.
  • GSUC razes Raktam (including its KOS allies) within two weeks. Heavy casualties are incurred by all hostile parties.

December 2008

  • In December, the ruin complex formerly inhabited by the Independent Republic of Fort Creedy is annexed by GSUC forces, and made into a protectorate of York with the new name of "Great Southall". Guerrilla warfare between Creedy and Southall forces culminates in Durham-based GSUC members eventually outlasting the insurgents.
  • GSUC forces aid Derby in its defence against cannibal attacks. A small squad of KOS assassins is quashed in the eastern lands.

January 2009

  • GSUC conquers Wiksik and renames it to "New York", a protectorate of York, under the watchful eye of its Governor, John the Baptist.

February 2009

  • York forces successfully stave off a raid by the Kingdom of Skulls and Necromancers Guild, with GSUC suffering minimal casualties and maximising losses to the latter two throughout the two-week period.
  • De La Coiffe and the GSUC host Native Awareness Month, an island-wide native-killing contest. Concurrently, GSUC forces in Durham assist /zom/ in fending off the invading Rakmogaki Collective horde.


  • Anyone can join, as long as they support the outsider cause i.e. not pander to the natives organisations. If you are a native, you are expected to obey the orders of your outsider superiors without question.
  • Do not zerg. A loose definition of the word can be found here. Simply put, zerging is using two or more characters to gain an unfair advantage over other players, whether double-teaming a target with alts, revenge-killing for an alt, and so on.

A list of all members can be found here

Allies and Enemies

The Coalition is generally allied to groups with outsider interests at heart, and opposed to groups that proliferate the unrefined, savage behaviours exhibited by native (and native pawn) clans.




Several of us are occasionally on Shartak IRC. Server:, channel: #Shartak. We also have a subforum on the Shartak forums, but you need to be added by Simon to see the board. No pro-native players allowed.