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Satellite york.png
Satellite map       Local map
Type: Outsider
Huts: 23
Shaman: (Kahuni) [-70.371,+26.314] (08,08)
Trader: (Harry) [-70.367,+26.313] (12,09)
Weapons hut: [-70.371,+26.316] (08,06)
Medical hut: [-70.369,+26.320] (10,02)

York is one of the three outsider settlements on Shartak. Located near the center of the island's southern shore, it consists of twenty-four huts in an oblong clearing.

A native shaman named Kahuni is held captive in the center of the clearing and uses his mystical powers to revive York spirits.


York - Territory Map
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
02 M
03 H H H
04 H G
05 H FC
06 W H2
08 H S H H
09 H H NB H T
10 H H H
11 H
12 H
13 H
14 H
Unincorporated ("Jungle")
Village territory ("York")
H Hut (H2 represents two huts)
NB Noticeboard
S Shaman (Kahuni)
T Trading post
W Weapons hut
M Medical hut
FC Botheringham FC Supporters' Club Club House
G Gateway
Deep water


  • The above is a territory map, not a map of jungle density (which constantly changes). Therefore, the jungle and village squares will very likely be colored differently in-game than they are here. However, squares within the village of York will be displayed as "York" on the game map, while jungle squares will be displayed as "Jungle".
  • The numbers on the map are merely for local reference and are not related to GPS coordinates at all.

York: A Rough Guide

Map courtesy of York citizen Billfred.
Click to enlarge.

York is the most populous as well as the busiest, most bustling settlement on Shartak. It has a colourful and frequently bloody history, and has developed a unique culture and identity, very different in character from liberal Durham in the far west, and moderate Derby in the far east, both of which have never seen themselves invaded early on (York's central location led to early invasions, and several political disputes and outsider-vs-pirate and outsider-vs-pirate hostility have led to a series of additional invasions of York. See History of York for more). York historically has been more institutionally outsider-nationalist than either Derby or Durham.

York was the first town to host a full-time police force, and was the birthplace of the criminal Mercenary's Guild and a shadowy secret society which has been active in York affairs since the days of the first waves of pirate attacks. Many, many others groups have been significantly involved in York affairs (see partial list below).

In the past social development of note in York had been the proliferation of outsider religion. Several houses of worship and religious organisations had arisen in York. In the very early days a man set up a peaceable and quiet church in mid-York, not long after Derby had set up its first church. This man's voice has since been drowned out (he has apparently left the island) and in typical York fashion, religion had become radicalised in the city, with frequent religious violence. York hosted a hardline Catholic church organisation and a hardline protestant church, whose members frequently attacked one another, as well as a surprisingly moderate and agreeable Jewish synagogue in south York. Native pagan religions such as ancestor and ghost worship are not tolerated in York.

Survival Tips: If you're just visiting, try to stay clear of the constant power struggles and not to upset any of the major groups.

Points of interest

The Botheringham FC Supporters' Club Club House


Located 1NE of the Weapons Hut, the Club House is easily identified by the pink-and-purple scarf hanging above the entrance, and the pungent aroma of Scampi Fries wafting downwind.

Formerly the site of the now-infamous Pwotters' HQ, this hut was fully refurbished inside and out when the lease was purchased by the Director of the Botheringham FC Supporters' Club in late December 2008. Although both the Kingdom of Skulls Throne Room and the settlement of Port Breton had previously undergone minor modifications, this was a revolutionary event in the island's real estate market, and will no doubt pave the way for all manner of cheap imitations.

In October 2011, the Chairman, with great reluctance, had to inform the Licensing Authorities that he would not be renewing the lease on the Club House. Although no official word has been released by The Botheringham FC Supporters' Club, rumours abound concerning record-breaking fines for gross misconduct, political sabotage by dirty, stinking Lowersex FC-supporting bastards, industrial disputes with the suppliers of the Club House's complimentary snacks, and even scandalous accusations of indecent and immoral behaviour with the club mascot.

Historical Sites

CzEcHy's Tavern

Directly west of the Trader's hut, located at -70.368,+26.313 is the astoundingly wonderful Tavern owned by czech1. Feel free to drop by and spend a night or two in safety. Whether you're a pirate, a native, or an elusive murderer wanted by all, you're still welcome at the tavern (as long as you dont kill anyone inside.) Usually quite busy. Czechy's was the site of the miraculous Christmas Truce.

UPDATE: Due to the popularity of the Tavern and the increasing demand for quality home-cooked food, CzEcHy's has expanded into the property to the north of the tavern. CzEcHy's Bistro and Grillbar will cater for all your culinary delights and we offer specials that are not listed on the 'a la carte' menu - just look for the "Daily Specials" board. Our Egon Ronay-recognised chef, Mr. S0S, will also do his best to cater for any 'off-the-menu' requests.

Dress code is smart-casual, with or without nose-bones. Shrunken heads are not permitted although these may be left in our cloakroom for later collection. Bon appetite!

The Waugh Arms

West-southwest of the York shaman at -70.374,+26.313, on the site of the former Colonial Police Headquarters, visitors to York will find the recently-opened Waugh Arms. All are warmly invited to stop by and enjoy the pleasures of fine food and drink, and of course enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Waugh Arms.

History of York

York history is defined principally by two things. One: constant invasion by hostile forces, and two: the rallying of local groups, fighting off the invaders, and the hardening of domestic opinion (both "civilian and York groups") in a nationalistic direction. (this cycle tends to repeat, as nationalistic sentiment then angers some implacable elements of the Shartak population, who thus come into conflict with York and eventually decide to invade).

In the very beginning of the colonisation effort, York was a small outpost with a tiny population, without even a trader (though Kahuni himself was captured very early on). Slowly as things began to grow, the town developed its own identity, and has played a central role in Shartak politics ever since, serving as a lightning rod for various power-hungry groups and individuals.

The First Battle of York or "First Invasion", is the name given to a series of native attacks on York from quite early in the colonisation effort. Natives started descending on York after word began spreading in the native settlements of the presence of large numbers of outsiders at this location. The attacks by natives were uncoordinated, but large scale violence by natives lasted approximately from March to April 2006. The Colonial Police formed in York during this period in reaction to the violence. York's population was low at the time, and only a very few around today can even still remember the 'First Invasion'. See full article First Battle of York for more.

Somewhat overlapping was the also-vaguely-defined Second Battle of York or "Second Invasion". This is the name given to the "pirate invasion" of April-May 2006 in which dozens of unaligned pirates came south independently to attack York and victimise the populace, after directions to York were posted at the shipwreck. The tremendous pirate-on-outsider violence during this period was supposedly the original impetus for anti-piratism in York, and it is during this period that the OoP was founded (Order Of Patriots). The initial pirate invasion was extraordinarily politically significant for the settlement. Thereafter, numerous York groups and individuals began taking to killing all pirates and "pirate sympathisers" that they see in York, on sight. See full article Second Battle of York for more.

The period between the end of the Second Invasion and the start of the Third Invasion is an often-forgotten period in York history, but is very significant. During this period, York was coming into its own, and its politics were up in the air. There was very strong nationalist and anti-pirate agitation by the Order of Patriots and others, but this was certainly just one of many political movements. These numerous diverse social and political currents were pulling York in all directions. In other words, the situation in York resembled somewhat the current confused situation in Durham (as of this printing). The Yorkman newspaper was founded during this period, and the Colonial Police came into their own during this inter-Invasion period, and at that time took no firm stances in York politics. They opposed the growing anti-pirate radicalism of the population because it meant attacks on many innocent pirates, not because they were political opponents of that movement, as they were apolitical. The CP were off-and-on enemies of the Order. With the shock departure of CP-founder MickR towards the very end of this inter-Invasion period, it looked like things would remain this way. But this all changed and York as a whole was swept into the arms of the nationalist anti-pirate radicals as a result a very serious crisis of the...

Third Battle of York, or, the "First MG Invasion". The "Mercenary's Guild" invaded and began a general wave of violence in York starting September 20th 2006 (their withdrawal occurred on October 15th 2006), in which they killed dozens of innocent York citizens at random in an attempt to show strength and in a failed attempt to destroy the Order of Patriots. This battle rallied the York groups around a common cause, and thus had a long-lasting effect on York politics. It helped to harden York nationalism. The MG was eventually beaten back and withdrew, leaving the Order intact. The Colonial Police and many unaligned citizens took to defending the city from invasion during this MG massacre, and when the smoke cleared the Colonial Police, formerly enemies if the Order and apolitical, had become strong allies and finally fully enmeshed in York politics. Lingering bitterness and tensions between York (especially the Colonial Police) and the 'MG gang', temporarily set aside for more than two weeks during and after the Great Christmas Truce, led to the resumption of hostilities on January 20th 2007 in what was soon called...

The Fourth Battle of York, or the "Second MG Invasion". This one became the largest battle in Shartak history, with anti-York and anti-outsider groups from across the land joining forces to attack York. The "York Alliance" of pro-York groups eventually claimed victory after the invaders were driven back.

On the morning of June 7, 2007, York was hit by an invasion of a different kind: mysterious signposts saying "WILLIES!" appeared throughout the town. Much mystery surrounds this incident, which has since become known simply as the "WILLIES!".

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