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The Player

Known as Iceman on the official forum; amongst other less flattering names, no doubt.

The Characters

My characters come and go, as I get bored of them, but the current batch are:

Twist - boner-inducingly handsome

ClickClick - defender of the Dalpoki

Sympathetic Phil - hard-bitten mercenary and surly drunkard

Tkltchk - hungry, want eat

Nigel the Pirate - had the crotch-itch

Fist McRhinopuncher - fairly self-explanatory

Previous characters include:

Shovelly Joe - four-eyed scalpel-jockey

Flying Squirrel - spirit botherer

Monkeynuts - wandering hunter and gardener

Robert the Bastard - nasty son-of-a-bitch of an outlaw

Ignus Coruscatum - twisted firestarter

The Suggestions

My natural arrogance leads me to assume I know best what the game needs, so every now and again I tell people.

Tagging Character Profiles - a social-networkingesque function that notifies characters when they are mentioned in others' profiles *IMPLEMENTED*

Advanced Cartography - a new navigation skill for Scouts and Explorers

Contact List Groups - an option to group your contacts in user-defined groups

Inter-Character Trading - a semi-automated mechanism for trading with other players

Gaming Items - new items that can be used for rudimentary gaming and gambling *IMPLEMENTED*

Clan Alliance and Warfare - the option to enter into mutual feuds and alliances with other clans, with attendant XP bonuses and penalties

Monthly In-Game Contests - official contests that all players can register one character for, with prizes and rewards

Spirit Quests - quests dished out by new native NPC's, with XP rewards and profile descriptions

Treasure Maps and Buried Treasure - a new item, available from Outsider Traders, that leads to buried items

Out-of-Body Sacred Space - a compromise to allow the reintroduction of Sacred Space but remove the unbalancing aspects of the original version

Clan Taglines or Descriptions - a qualifying statement on the main Clans page to describe a clan's purpose and characteristics *IMPLEMENTED*

More Exciting Animals - some suggestions for more imaginative and interesting animals, in addition to or to replace some of the current boring ones. Small deer, I'm looking at you

Peaceful Characters Using Other Camp Shamen - a new option that allows a character with peaceful intentions to revive at the local shaman for 50AP, when killed within the boundary of a foreign camp

The Scribble Pad

Note to self:

  • Travel Suggestion: Spirit Walking - go to any shaman, and for a reasonable AP cost, travel to any native village in spirit form. Skill required, not in spirit tree though. Additional skill required to use spirit skills other than Ghostly Whisper. Natives can Spirit Walk from all shamen, Outsiders only from Native villages.
  • Travel Suggestion: Ferry/Passenger Ship: new location in Outsider towns, docks. Characters stood on docks will, at set time each day, board ship and travel to next town along coast. No AP cost, but trip takes two AP cycles, during which time AP is regenerated but no actions can be performed. Cannot get off until reach port.
  • Skill Suggestion: Alarms and Warnings: scout/explorer skill, can rig alarms that sound when a square is entered, can be heard like a conch. Possibly a small skill tree, advancing allows alarms to remain active longer/have better chance of sounding.
  • Weapon Suggestions: Blunderbuss - variable damage rates per hit, some very high, some very low, may explode and damage wielder; Spear - can be thrown for high damage/cause bleeding, but lose weapon; Hatchet - much higher chance of critical hit and losing "snags in the wound"
  • Totem animals: quest-like feature, natives visit the shaman or new NPC and set off to find their totem animal. This is done by killing, or maybe some other interaction with, one of the NPC animals. The character then gets some form of permanent bonus, depending on his totem. Bear, chance to increase damage, tiger, chance to inflict bleeding, monkey, chance to dodge attacks, etc. Better bonus for better animals. Squid? Can't change once you've found your totem.
  • Religion/Profession: balance to natives' totem animals. That's about as far as I've got, but probably to do with items/technology instead of spirits.
  • Class symbiosis: a skill or two for each class that is best used in conjunction with another class, encouraging clan play and recruitment.
  • Medium Raw is most likely Diamond Joe Quimby. Nothing dodgy going on, I've just been curious for ages.
  • Nigel and Otfried are almost certainly the same player. Like to piss on people, and are sore losers.
  • Fantaw = Raffles? Idled on same date 28-04-11

Some weapon and combat statistics live here:

Machete + Glancing Blow vs. Wooden Club

Balanced Stance