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About me

Yep, I'm a user. And on Urban Dead, too.

My records on Shartak Underworld.

I'm a peaceful sort, but anyone who's attacked me unprovoked is, naturally, less likely to be left alone.

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Trade with me!

I have spare GPS units. If you need one, contact me (on wiki, or whisper to me). I also currently have a spare backpack. Ask, if you need one.

History of Violent Encounters

Unless otherwise specified, each of the following persons were completely unknown to me before they attacked me.

I shall seek to avenge these acts:

  • Mister Pigs II killed me twice in the jungle northwest of Dalpok.
  • Auk killed me twice in one week near the swamp fingers on the northeast of Shartak. He's a terribly violent fellow. I found him hiding between the mud fingers in the NE [-70.152,+26.468] about 3 weeks later and killed him there. He had 106/85 HP! You whisper to Auk, “fungi die in the sun. i still owe you one.”
  • callan hunter killed me in the jungle near Wiksik.
  • Saracen attacks you with a heavy sword for 5 damage. You die. (2009-01-10 03:28) by the northeast finger swamp.
  • Lobo Rojo killed me in a Wiksik hut with a blowpipe.
  • Bauson killed me with a blowpipe east of Wiksik. (2009-01-22 00:37)
  • Akanuma killed me and one other with a heavy sword in Wiksik's medicine hut, after wailing by Arturius. (2009-01-29 12:26) Yared was assisting, killing 3 others in the hut.
  • Blackbeard killed me with a machete along the east side of the mountain. (2009-02-28 08:32) I found him in northeast of Dalpok on 2009-04-27 13:35 and killed him. The next day I discovered the body of Yellow Tiger, whom Blackbeard had murdered the day before. A few days later, Blackbeard killed me in Dalpok's medicine hut with a machete. (2009-04-29 15:52)
  • Calzone Machitty killed me with a machete in the jungle northeast of Raktam. (2009-01-30)
  • DiscoSteve killed me with a rifle on the southern coast between York and Durham. 2009-04-01 00:19
  • Pathetic BiIl. killed me in the swamp with a machete. (2009-05-30 10:57)
  • King Kuru the cannibal killed me with a cutlass and ate me in the swamps south of Dalpok, west of the lake. (2009-05-19 19:09) King Kuru ties a large linen napkin around his neck and takes out a large two-pronged fork. "Feasting on your spirit will sustain me. Know that you died for a worthy cause."
  • bollobollo killed me (rifle) in a hut in Durham (2009-04-08 09:47), although I had given him a token gift a couple days earlier.
  • George W. Bush killed me (machete) in the medicine hut of Raktam. (2009-07-18 19:19) He did so after Stan667 hit me a few times. (2009-07-18 18:49) Working together, or zerging?
  • Medium Raw killed me with a heavy blade, then consumed me, on the north coast [-70.482,+26.510]. (2009-08-08 14:07)
  • Mate Ozzy killed me with a machete in the weapons hut of Dalpok. (2009-04-10 14:48)
  • Nick McDigger killed me in Dalpok's medicine hut
  • The Munch killed and ate me at fort creedy. (2010-11-14)
  • Evil Cannibal attacked me in the jungle with a blowpipe and a rifle butt.
  • manapua attempted to kill me in Santa's hut but failed. (2009-12-25 16:13)
  • Victor attempted to kill me at santa's grotto.

I am wary of these people but shall not instigate violence without further provocation:

  • Fast Food killed me with a machete and consumed me (2009-05-20 22:16). His profile says he only killed natives in revenge, but that is a lie. I have never attacked him before, and certainly never killed him (underworld). I found him in the mud, and brought him down to 1 HP. When he awoke, he said “Hey,ffs, I was just simply starving when I saw you. If I find decent meal from outsiders I have no reason to eat my friends, but you know, the hunger...”

Fast Food says “...Drives me insane sometimes... I can't resist it, it's to powerfull...” (2009-05-23 21:55)

  • Genital herpes killed me in the medicine hut of Wiksik. Weeks later I saw him in the jungle near Wiksik and left him dead. You whisper to Genital herpes, “you killed me in the medicine hut of wiksik without provocation. be at peace and harmony with the jungle.”
  • Tik Tok Times Up killed me primarily with a blowpipe in the medicine hut of Wiksik (2009-01-13 17:05). The next week (2009-01-18 19:45) I found him in the weapons hut there and killed him. You say "Tik Tok, you killed me the first time you saw me, in Wiksik's medicine hut. Your aggression was misdirected. I hope you find better hospitality in my home village."
  • c rocket attacked me in the tunnels under the NE part of the island, but did not finish me off. I killed him there.
  • feedthebeast attacked me in the jungle north of Dalpok, but did not kill me. I killed him instead.
  • Omnomnom attacked me in the jungle near Wiksik and nearly killed me. I killed him instead.



Learning Psychic Recognition, the message:

Improving your psychic skills somewhat, you find that you can hear spirits with enough clarity to identify them.

A mango tree is here. [-70.223,+26.413]

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