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My current characters

Lady Anna Une Peaceful Member of The South Shartak Trading Company. Anna has yet to show any violent propensities towards her fellow Outsiders, the local Native population, the sometimes troublesome Pirates or even the local wildlife of Shartak. Her only concern seems to be commerce.

Quote: "Don't hurt me!"

Bondage Princess Une Leader of the Elder Cult of Jiub. Said to be trying to get back on the Boat That Carries HIM. Eternal foe of HIS archenemy, Fargoth. Buyer of much latex clothing.

Quote: "We are all like Scribs unto HIM. HE will lead us from Fargoth unto the boat that carries the destined ones. Bow down to HIM like a pack Guar and you too will ride the endless ocean at HIS side."

Demonica A relatively peaceful pirate. Calls her parrot Sqeeky. Swears up and down it's something called a "Scrib". Known to heal at random. May be insane.

Quote: "What the hell do you mean I don't talk like a pirate? Sic 'em Sqeeky!"

Quincy Morris Rather inept (not to mention doomed to die) vampire hunter. Trying to be a peaceful trader. Currently sucking at it. Last seen buying a whole hell of a lot of guns.

Quote: "I'm bad at this."

Lady Une Uh, she's dead. Known to cut down trees when she is seen around. Said to be dating a warrior named Roland from the land of the midnight sun, he owns some sort of gun.

Quote: "Mrh?"