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Tags and Templates

Chucks.jpg Wear Chuck Taylors!
This user supports wearing Chuck Taylor All-Stars for exploring Shartak and approves of their use for throwing at rabid monkeys and parrots.

Stamper.jpg We Love Templates!!
This user loves templates. We enjoy adding as many templates as possible and enjoy making our own for our own personal enjoyment and other people's laughs.

Death Rate
Elegost has died more than X+Y*Z times.


Elegost, The Ranger


Outsider.jpg Outsider
This user is an outsider.

Guilder.png This user or clan supports the Identify Friend or Foe initiative.

Rum.jpg Drunkeness
Elegost is currently drunk on rum and beer all at once
Rob's Fluffy Beard Defender
This user is defending Balchig from Giant Space Monkeys with Laser Machetes. He's pretty silly.

Rhaegar Targaryen

Rhaegar Targaryen

Pirates.png Me bein' a pirate
This user is bein' a pirate. arrr!
Bountyhunter.jpg Who? Where? How much?
This user is a Bounty Hunter.He's not gonna hesistate when he sees you.
King's Bottom Defender
This user is defending a bottle of beer from you. He's pretty drunk on the beer himself.

Pickles the Drummer