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Current location: Sacred space. The shop is OPEN!


After meeting Piratz from "Piratz'z mango grove", Admiral Thrawn, a slender creature with slightly blueish skin, decided to raise funds for a fruit shop. It's now known as Shartak Juice Inc., because his specialty are quality fruit juices.
Admiral Thrawn is standing behind a makeshift counter and asks you: "Wanna take a sip?"

Future Plans

You can usually find me somewhere around the trader's hut at the shipwreck or south of it, gathering delicious fruit. As soon as I'll have established a good trading post, you'll have a place where you can find me at (more or less) fixed business hours! Please be patient, I'm looking forward to serve you! Fruit juice is my passion, I don't want to rip you off unlike other merchants. Feel free to compare our prices. If you think my prices are too high, check out Trader Sam's prices and then say it again.


You like what you read here? Fruit juice is your passion as well? You're not after the big money but you enjoy juicing and selling high quality produce to customers? Have I got a job for you at Shartak Juice Inc.! Just drop me a line on my talk-page and together, we'll rule the fruit universe as father and son (errrr, where the heck did that come from?).

The equipment

Admiral Thrawn uses high quality stainless steel knives and daggers for a clean processing of the freshest fruit. He's never seen without his custom made multifunctional utility-belt which holds several different kinds of blades, because each type of fruit calls for a specially shaped implement. Be it serrated, subtly curved, double-sided or whatever, the Admiral has just the right knife for every task at hand.


Watch out for this guy!

You're thirsty and desperately searching for a drop of tasty juice, but you can't find me anywhere? Quail not! This fine fellow, alien pirate demon can help you out. He works with me, so you can expect the same prices and the same high quality you long for! This will make it easier for you to recognize him.

How to order

You can order only in-game. Don't post any orders here, they will be ignored and deleted.
(Please read carefully BEFORE ordering. Order only if you agree to the terms and conditions):

First, check my profile for availability of desired item.
Don't order any items if the sign says <CLOSED>.
Don't order any item if there's less than 3 in stock (doesn't apply for Sweet Berry Juice™).
Don't order any items if you haven't got enough inventory space available.

To order, simply pay me in gold coins (if you don't have any gold with you, you can offer me anything else for trade, but I preserve the right to turn your offer down; in this case you'll get your stuff back).
If there are different kinds of juice available, specify your wish. If you don't, you'll get the standard/cheapest juice.
As soon as I wake up, you'll get your juice.
Please consider: orders are queued. If you should place an order and I got no more juice in stock when I get to your order, your money will be fully refunded!
Your money will not be refunded if you should move away from the square I'm in.

If you should die while waiting for me to wake up, I'll try my best to keep track of the transfer you made and will refund you or deliver your items as soon as we meet again. Should we not meet again, consider your money a donation to the fruit juice industry. So please don't be pissed at me. The same goes for the case of me dying which I try to avoid, but I'm sure you all know how dangerous it can be on this island.