The Undertakers

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The Undertakers
In-game page
Leadership: Rex Feral
Members: It's a growth industry
Goals: Provision of custom burial services
Recruitment policy: Professional funeral arrangers from all walks of life
Contact: Talk to Rex Feral or email us

"It's never easy bringing up the subject of funeral planning, but just like the making of a will, pre-arranging someone's funeral is a practical and sensible thing to do. The Full Undertaking plan is a quality, value for money funeral plan that can offer real peace of mind to you and your loved ones" - Anonymous

About Us

The Undertakers are the market leaders in personalized funeral plans on Shartak. More people have chosen our Full Undertaking plan than those of any other company. Our funeral directors are available in towns and cities across the islands and serve the local communities with commitment and discretion.

What Is A Funeral Plan?

Just like taking out life insurance or making a will, a guaranteed Full Undertaking plan is a sensible and practical way of planning for the future. It is a simple way for you to take control of your affairs, gain peace of mind and help yourself and your loved ones through difficult times.

Can I Personalize My Plan?

Yes, you can also include special requests, such as a favourite hymn, piece of music or reading and perhaps even a companion for the soon-to-be-departed. Additional costs incurred from significant requests will not be covered by the basic Full Undertaking plan and will require extra remuneration.

Why Buy A Funeral Plan?

  • Freeze costs at todays prices.
  • Once it's paid for, it's paid for.
  • It removes potential worry about how a funeral will be paid for or conducted.
  • The executor only needs to make one request to your nominated funeral director to set your plan in motion.
  • The funeral director will provide you with complete advice and guidance.
  • You will not be left wondering exactly what type of service you would have wanted as the arrangements are set out in the plan.
  • You will have paid in full for the funeral services covered in the plan, only paying for flowers and other special requests as required.