The Hanged Misfit

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The Hanged Misfit

The Hanged Misfit.

Feel thirsty? Need a place to sleep? You’re a Drunk? Then The Hanged Misfit is the perfect place for you. Situated here (2 E of the Traders Hut or 5 E from the Shaman) you’ll have no problem finding or leaving the Hanged Misfit when in a heavily intoxicated state. For those who are sissies and don’t drink...water and fruit juice can be served. Along with that various fruits can be provided with your drink.


Just tell Katie Calhoun or the barmaid wind up doll E.V.A. what you want and we will bring it over to your table or floor if you happen to be in bed. I do on occasion open bar tabs for trusted individuals. Just ask one of us for info.

Beer (1gc) HP Healed = +2 ea. bottle

Rum (1gc) HP Healed = +2 ea. bottle

Tasty Berry Wine (5gc) HP Healed = +12 ea. bottle

Poison Berry Wine /short supply/ (5gc) WARNING HP Damage -12 ea. bottle

Water (1gc) HP Healed= +2 ea. bottle

Fruit juice /short supply/ (1gc) HP Healed = varies on fruit

Fruit (1gc)HP Healed varies on fruit


Accommodation is allowed everywhere but the back storeroom where the bartender and barmaid sleeps. If you need a pillow use a cushion from one of the chairs and linen can to be found in the cupboard near the billiards table. Please shake them out and put them back when you leave.

Toilets are to the left of the bar, facilities are not to be used if you can barely stand, if so, use the bush provided 20 meters left of the main entrance.

A conference room for meetings is located upstairs in the Annex, which may be used by outside organizations with with permission.

Tavern Rules

  • No killing inside the bar! Take it outside where it is not my problem.
  • The bartender (Katie Calhoun) and barmaid E.V.A. are founders and members of THE_MISFITS so any crimes committed inside the bar will lead to a swift death. If you manage to get away a merc will be send after you. Most often it will be taken care either by me, the bartender or the barmaid E.V.A. We have been known to tag team a kill so beware.
  • Fugitives from justice...and you know who you are...are allowed in. THE MISFITS slogan says "There is no person that doesn't deserve a good drink." Now whether you are able to walk out alive is another story.
  • Anyone on the Derby Kill On Sight (KoS) list will not be protected within the tavern’s walls and will be killed swiftly.