The Hanged Misfit

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The Hanged Misfit

The Hanged Misfit.

Feel thirsty? Need a place to sleep? You’re a Drunk? Then hanged misfit is the perfect place for you. Situated here (2 E of the Traders Hut or 5 E from the Shaman) you’ll have no problem finding or leaving the Hanged Misfit when in a heavily intoxicated state. For those who are sissies and don’t drink; water and fruit juice can be served, along with that various fruits can provided with your drink (sorry this is Shartak, no beer nuts).


Just ask RoadWorkbobfor what you want

Beer (1gc)

Rum (1gc)

Water (1gc)

Fruit juice /short supply/ (2gc)

Fruit (1gc)


Toilets are to the left of the bar, facilities are not to be used if you can barely stand, if so, use the bush provided 20 meters left of the main entrance.

Accommodation is allowed everywhere but the bartenders fold up bed behind the bar; we recommend the tables are best because it’s better to sleep off the broken glass covered floor; linen is to be found in the cupboard near the billiards table.

Pre-made grilled sandwiches dispenser can be found in the toilets next to the condom dispenser (both 1gc)

The Opium den is behind the close curtain left of the entrance (consult the bartender for a price)

Tavern Rules

  • No killing
  • The bartender (RoadWorkbob) is a member of the EF, any crimes committed shall be reported to the EF.
  • No fighting (just a little fist fighting), take anything else outside.
  • Fugitives from other towns are allowed in unless they are a problem to the EF too.
  • Anyone on the EF KoS list will not be protected within the tavern’s walls and will be killed swiftly.
  • Don’t steal the urinal cakes.