The Divine Hand

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The Divine Hand
In-game page
Leadership: Probably
Members: 1
Recruitment policy: Ask Kamikui for an invite.
Contact: In Game.

A group of killers for hire.

Do you want someone dead?

  • Hire us in game.
  • Name those you want to die.
  • If you can give us information, where they are where they will be.
  • 50 gold per death.
  • Do you want the target to know your name?
  • Do you have a message you want to give to your target?
  • If the target has not been killed within two weeks we will refund your payment.


  • Never kill peaceful players.
  • Kill violent players if you feel you must.
  • Never ever kill current employers.
  • Past employers are valid targets but leave at least two weeks after their contract.
  • Give gifts to people. Bananas, herbs, gold and such.
  • Refunding failed kills is a priority over taking new contracts.