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Every year around Christmas, a mysterious being called Santa Claus visits Shartak and gives presents to all residents of Shartak who visit him in his grotto at [-70.319,+26.384]. Santa and his two elves stay for a little while and then they leave as suddenly as they appeared.

Santa gives out gifts (once per person) via the use of an "Ask for gift" button. Those who Santa deems to have behaved well are given better gifts than those who have been naughty. There have been rumours that the very good receive the legendary Heavy Sword. Vice versa, the very bad might receive a crab. More commonly, those seeking gifts receive common, low valued gifts that some argue breeds dissatisfaction and resentment against Santa and his Elves.

It appears that killing Santa and his elves may become a yearly tradition in Shartak, despite Santa beginning to fight back, recruiting a 'chief elf' to assist him in doing so. Numerous want-to-be killers of Santa have fallen to the old man's punches, while others who have killed Santa this year have found themselves being hunted and killed for their actions.

Stats for Santa and his Helpers

Below are the stats for Santa and his helpers. They all will not attack unless Santa is provoked by an attacker.

Here's an explanation on what the categories mean.

  • Max Hitpoints - Maximum number of hitpoints the NPC has
  • Damage - How much damage they can cause
  • XP Bonus - The amount of XP one gains from killing them
  • Accuracy - Accuracy of their attacks
  • First Year Appeared - The first year the NPC appeared on Shartak
  • Bio - Short flavorful biography of the NPC

Chief Elf

  • Max Hitpoints - 50
  • Damage - 4
  • XP Bonus - 28
  • Accuracy - ?
  • First Year Appeared - 2008
  • Bio - The Chief Elf is the head bodyguard in Santa's Little Secret Service. Rumor has it that received special forces training and distinguished himself in the war against the forces of Jack Frost, and was the only member of his unit to survive The Battle Of The Island Of Misfit Toys. His real name is classified.


  • Max Hitpoints - 30
  • Damage - 2
  • XP Bonus - 18
  • Accuracy - ?
  • First Year Appeared - 2007
  • Bio - Two elves appear to help Santa with his gift giving. One wears red clothes, the other wears green, and both have dark sunglasses.


  • Max Hitpoints - 200
  • Damage - 2
  • XP Bonus - 103
  • Accuracy - ?
  • First Year Appeared - 2006
  • Bio - forthcoming

Yearly Visits

2006 Visit

Details of Santa's first appearance in 2006 were recorded in the Shartak Financial Times. At the time, the location of Santa's grotto was not widely known. Santa was not warmly welcomed by all, and his encounter with Nick Soapdish resulted in his death. Luckily for latecomers, Santa can also revive.

2007 Visit

Santa appeared again in 2007 on the 16th of December, but was killed shortly after his appearance by Tom Failur. After his subsequent revivals, he was also killed by a series of people, causing much aggravation to those who had not yet asked for gifts.

  • List of Known Killers

Known killers of Santa during the 2007 Christmas season include: Tom Failur, kkk, S0S, Nick Soapdish, Average Joe, Leaky Bocks, GuavaMoment, marcusgipps, Spookey69, oqtasian, Eyes of a Hawk, Mr Boom Mc Bang, Thordulf, Spookey69, Johan Crichton, AlexanderRM, Christian Fletcher, and Kolzak.

2008 Visit

Santa appeared again in 2008 on the 17th of December, escorted again by the Chief Elf and two elves. Within the first day, the elves were dead, and Santa was receiving medical attention from some and unwanted attention from others. Santa survived until late on the 19th, when he was killed by Glooble, mainly because the Rakmogaki Collective had taken to keeping him alive as long as possible. For unknown reasons, Santa was seen on January 2nd.

  • List of Known Killers

Known killers of Santa during the 2008 Christmas season include: Glooble, Human Wine, Spiritz, Vercingetorix, azuma, The Munch and Racham.

2009 Visit

The Rakmogaki Collective once again went to help Santa and keep him alive during the Christmas Season. They reduced the number of Santa killers, much like the previous year, though it was the same bloodbath as it was the year before.

2010 Visit

The year 2010 was more lenient in terms of record keeping. Santa fell 5 verified times, according to official records.

2011 Visit

As expected of Shartak's original take on Christmas, the year 2011 was another bloodbath. Santa had only his personal elf guards to protect him this time. Among 7 recorded, but mostly unreported Santa killers was Raging Neckbeard.

In a special prize giveaway, Hugh Hefner gains the main prize, followed by Mr Scavvy, Edwin, Charrrlie, and Leroy.

The Following players have contributed towards the biographies

  • Neil Tathers
  • Zeek