Santa Claus

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Every year around Christmas, Santa Claus visits Shartak and gives presents to outsiders and natives who come to his grotto at [-70.319,+26.384]. Santa and his two elves stay for a few days and then they leave as suddenly as they appeared.

Santa gives out gifts (once per person) via the use of an "Ask for gift" button. Those who Santa deems have behaved well are given better gifts than those who have been naughty. There have been rumours that the very good receive the legendary Heavy Sword.

Details of Santa's first appearance in 2006 were recorded in the Shartak Financial Times.

Santa appeared in 2007-12-16, but was killed shortly after his appearance by Tom Failur. After his subsequent revivals, he was also killed by kkk, SOS and Nick Soapdish, causing much aggravation to those who had not yet asked for gifts.

It appears that killing Santa and his elves is becoming a yearly tradition in Shartak. This may be explained in part by the common, low-valued gifts that Santa brings, which, combined with the several days of waiting, cause frequent dissatisfaction among Santa's visitors.