Philosophe Knights

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Philosophe Knights
In-game page
Leadership: Shock Arish, Masque, and Flogging Molly.
Members: 6
Goals: To bring about an enlightened and unified Shartak through peaceful means.
Recruitment Policy: All are welcome, inquire on the talk page.
Contact: Talk Page


Philosophe Manifesto

Enlightenment and unity. Peace and tolerance. Only by seeking to understand our chaotic world can we bring about a worldly utopia on Shartak.

Knowledge, the noblest virtue, is the guiding light towards which all folk, regardless of creed or origin, should be drawn. No person should be left in ignorant shade as we drive forth towards the radiance of understanding.

The path to knowledge must be open to all. It must not be a bloody road nor one fouled by hate or discrimination. The peaceful route is the only one that can bring about the enlightened utopia.

A Philosophe Knight is a champion of virtue. A glowing beacon of intelligence and camaraderie to which good folk of Shartak can be drawn. A natural leader and guide to the glorious society to which the strong of heart and mind aspire.

It is under the banner of the Philosophe Knights that all people of Shartak can find solace. Under the noble principles of enlightenment and unity, peace and tolerance, we can seek a glorious future.


The Philosophe Knights are working to establish chapters in different settlements, both outsider and native, to provide aid to locals and spread enlightenment and goodwill.

Native Camps

Outsider Camps

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