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A player's inventory consists of all items they have. Certain items in an inventory can be used or consumed by clicking on their respective buttons. Other item buttons simply describe the item in question. A player cannot see or use items in their inventory while they are dead.

An inventory has 70 spaces for items, which can be expanded by thirty to 100 spaces with a backpack. All items fill one space except for gold coins, which take no spaces, and rifles and blowpipes, which take two spaces each, whether they are loaded or not. It is possible to exceed the space limit if a player searches with 1 free space and finds a rifle or blowpipe, but further searching will be fruitless until something is dropped.

Items can be dropped from an inventory by clicking the "Drop" button after selecting the appropriate item. Dropping an item costs 0 AP. Dropped items are immediately removed from the game and cannot be recovered by anyone.