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Having lost her identity and memories after being beaten almost to death, she was given the name Hiku by the clan of Dalpok villagers who found her body. After being taught native language and basic skills of survival, she started to live a quiet life until the nightmares of the past began to keep her up at night. Scared and unsure of the world around her, Hiku has decided its time to find out who she was and what happened to her before she arrived at Dalpok.


Very little is known about Hiku's past except from the fact that the brutal beaten she was given prior to being found suggest someone wanted her dead!

In one flashback, Hiku notes having a conversation with a outsider not in native language which she fails to currently understand however, she felt that it was serious and remembered the term "green skull" being repeated often.

Villager of Dalpok

Hiku woke up almost six months after her body was found on the outskirts of the village of Dalpok without any knowledge of who she was. With her body still in such bad shape, she was forced through a tough recover program to allow her the ability to move and survive on her own in the village. Eventually she was deemed fit to leave however, having created such strong bonds with the Hiakura clan who found her, she was granted full permission to become an official member of the Dalpok village.

As a villager, Hiku began to live a quiet and peaceful life as a villager however, after her first year of village life was celebrated, the nightmares began. Flashes from her passed; from a conversation not in native language to crawling across the jungle floor. Realizing her life could never ever be lived peacefully, Hiku declared that she will find out who she was, where she came from and what happened to her.

Shubar, the shaman of the village, informed Hiku that within her current state, leaving the security of the Dalpok village was unwise and until she learns more indepth knowledge of the outsiders on the island and better combat skills, her journey would be unsuccessful. With this, she decided to highten her skills before her adventure.

First Adventure from Dalpok


Having been chased away from the settlement of York, Hiku came across a small, empty grotto where she decided to take shelter from her persuing attackers. The threat eventually disappeared however, it was too soon to relax, she was suddenly confronted by a fellow villager, Megamaw, who after cutting her, accused Hiku that her blood was not that of a villager, but of a outsider.