Derby Evening Press/Special Issue 1

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The British Claim Derby, The EF Disputes

On August 21st the British representative Sam Bellamy claimed Derby as part of the British Empire and named himself Town Administrator. He proceeded to offer terms of surrender to the Eastern Federation regarding the town.

As quickly as the proposal came, RobZombie, the Captain of the 1st Derby Privateers, disputed the claim saying that when the empire exiled him the Queen said it was not the Empire's intent to claim Shartak. He also defied the British claim shortly after by saying, "I'll not have the Empire take Derby while I'm still around to protect it."

Several other prominent Eastern Federation members displayed similar thoughts concerning the British.

Kilshrek, current Leader of the Derby Hospitallers, was initially quiet but made only one comment, which encapsulated his thoughts, "Lets toss that tea off the docks!" a reference to the famous Boston Tea Party where American protesters proceeded to literally throw crates of tea into the ocean. The tea was supposed to be exported to the British mainland and the incident caused quite a stir in its time.

Elegost, the current Commander of the Derby Rangers, in contrast to Kilshrek, had much to say concerning this proposal. He challenged the British claim by asking if they had any troops to back their claim. The last sentence of his statement was "I vehemently object and I do solemnly swear to declare war on you."

MadPierre, a Scottish reiver serving in the Privateers, warned that his Scottish boots would find their way up Bellamy's backside. He also said that the "free Scotsmen of Shartak will have no truck with shirt-lifting panty-waist lickspittles such as yourself [Sam Bellamy]. Feel free to send your redcoat toadies [the British] but make sure each comes accessorised with his own personal coffin."

Mill Wilkinson hinted at a possibility of forming a rebel group against the British. Fiuvv, a Derby Ranger, was seen shouting "FREEDOM! FOREVER! and DEATH BEFORE SURRENDER!" in protest at this declaration.

G3N, a pirate who works with the 1st Derby Privateers had reservations about the tossing of tea due to the possibility of profits by selling the tea.

Even a wanted criminal, the former Privateer, Cold Seether, had strong opinions and voiced them before disappearing into the jungle. He said that the British can't run a colony without Lobsterbacks i.e. the infamous red-coated infantry.

It is apparent that most of the Eastern Federation, the group currently leading the defence of Derby, has no intention of letting the British seize the town or turn it into a colony.