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                    Welcome to CzEcHy's Tavern rules and information page!

CzEcHy's Tavern is a popular tavern located in east York. It is the first tavern established on Shartak, established and run by czech1. This page is made to promote the tavern and provide directions for finding the tavern, and also explain the rules and history of the tavern.

CzEcHy's is a major site in York and often has more than a dozen people inside drinking or doing other things (many regulars even sleep inside). It is by far the busiest non-resource hut on Shartak.

The tavern was the site of the unprecedentedly amazing York Christmas Truce.


The tavern is located in York at -70.368,+26.313, 1 west of the Trader's Hut! Remember, the Tavern is a safe zone.

We also run an Inn, so are more properly called "Czechy's Tavern and Inn", though we have become well-known as simply "CzEcHy's Tavern" and that name has stuck, which is fine. All travellers passing through York are recommended to stay the night in the tavern. We are endorsed by The Yorkman newspaper, the Colonial Police, and many others. We are conveniently located right next to the trader's hut. There is always something happening in the Tavern, so come on by!

If you are a foreigner and would like to visit/stay at the tavern but don't know how to get to York in the first place, here is the satellite map of where the Tavern is. Coming from Durham, you can reach York by following the southern coastal boulevard EAST till you reach York. Coming from Derby, you can follow the coastline WEST till you reach York (Unfortunately the Derby-York road is currently inoperative so you will have to follow the coast to not get lost).


  • No killing. This includes natives, pirates, and your own personal enemies.
  • No attacking anyone, I.E. no leveling off of someone, but not killing them.
  • If you are on the the Wanted,Suspected,At Large list, you are NOT safe in the Tavern, and if you are killed I wont help. If you are on the Executed and Inactive list, you are almost certainly safe in the Tavern, and I'll rant and rave If your killed (Maybe).
  • No defacing the hut, this is a big problem around York and it needs to be stopped. Please, do NOT deface the inside or outside of my hut, it has importent messages, plus establishes where my Tavern is for newcomers. I think this is a simple rule to follow.
  • Just have fun, this is an RP game, and my Tavern is a part of the Roleplay, please do not act like a 12 year old and do something stupid just to get attention, I really do not like having people coming in and killing my customers, or defacing my hut.

Interview with Czechy: "Why I made the Tavern"

"I came to Shartak around early June. At first I led a quiet life while my cousin, a pirate, roamed around shartak, and he stumbled upon the city of York. He made his way around the area and had no problems with the people of York, so he decided to establish the Tavern. A week or two passed and some people decided that York was to be anti-pirate, and so it happened, he was driven out of town. Before he left, he decided to put the Tavern under the new managment, of me, his Yorker cousin czech1. At first, my tavern did not have any rules, people came and went, and it was not very exciting. But then one day I saw that someone had made a sign at the shaman showing all the locations in York, the medical hut, the ammo, the trader, and alas - They included my Tavern in it, that is when people started finding my tavern, spending the night, and paying for a drink. Soon after though, pirates and natives started coming to my hut, and people were killing them even when they had done nothing wrong from what I saw (I don't leave the Tavern much, but whatever), so I decided to make it a No-Killing Zone, and people started listening to the rules. But lately people have been very rude and not listened to anything I've stated, so this is why I have made this page." --Czechy, November 11 2006


May 24th, 2007

A new resturant has opened above the Tavern, co-run by S0S, CzEcHy's Bistro will cater a variety of wonderful foods.

April 10th, 2007

czech1 has left the CP in search of better things or something.. No idea really.

March 18th, 2007

Tavern Owners and Patrons of Shartak clan formed by czech1.

January 2nd, 2007

Following an arson act commited by Armadox_the_Butcher, a new fire suppresion system has been installed. It will now pipe in water from the nearby shore, storing it in a small storage tank near the Tavern. Any fire will now be swiftly put out, hopefully.

Janurary 1st, 2007

To start off the new year, Armadox_the_Butcher paid my Tavern a visit, and burned it down.. Measures will be put into place to make sure this doesn't happen again.

December 25th, 2006

A Christmas celebration is taking place in the Tavern. York's most loyal groups, and some other groups, have joined in the festivites. A palm tree was chopped down and decorated, and gifts & free drinks were handed out for free by czech1. Feel free to stop by, the party is still going on!

December 2nd, 2006

New rule added - Showing the CP list of people able to be killed inside the Tavern. The full list is here -- Colonial Police

November 20th, 2006

Rules reupdated due to, well, morons.. Criminals listed on the CP's official list will not be allowed in the tavern, and will be reported.

November 13th, 2006

In response to some recent miscommunications, the rules have been updated on the Tavern wall, changes are in rule 6, talking about the gold and how it will be used.

November 12th, 2006

Tavern reopened for buisness (planned ahead), rules set in place, Inn renovated and 4 new rooms added, including new bamboo style beds and tables!

November 10th, 2006

Tavern under renovation, no rules for at least a day, Tavern is NOT a safe zone during this time (be warned).

Early June 2006

Tavern opened.

Where Czechy can be reached

  • Forum - The CP website, I lurk around there frequently.
  • My clan page [1]