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The Council Of Wiksik
In-game page
Goals: To protect and serve the people of Wiksik.
Recruitment policy: Open to those who speak the oaths.
Contact: Seek us in Wiksik.

In the first age, Father Bear and Mother Jungle birthed the race of man. These first humans, children of rock went forth into the jungle and there they came upon Immortal Tapran, who was clothed in flesh that was as theirs but was not as one of them. Around him they built The First Village, and named it Wiksik. Throughout the time of the ancients Eldest Wiksik grew, and under the wisdom of the gods came to be the progenitor of all human civilization.

But then the gods receded from our world, and began this second age of mankind, that we may learn to stand alone and do for ourselves. But with independence came complexity, with responsibility came conflict. In places, men rose to fill the vacuum of power; emperors and warlords walked the earth and trod free men beneath their feet, save in Eldest Wiksik, where Free Men stood against tyranny.

The Free People of Wiksik would not bow to monarchs, nor bend for tyrants. Nor would they seek the protection of such in times of danger and opportunity. The Free People stood together against all comers and in times of greatest need they called The Council to order.

The Council of Wiksik sought not to rule, but to serve. An organizational backbone to serve the needs of The First Village and to represent the interests of it's people abroad. All on the council stood together as equals, united in purpose and in loyalty to their home. When crisis passed, it's purpose served, The Council would disperse, ready to be called again when the need returned.

The Council is needed once more.