Shartak's Organized Anarchists Posse

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Shartak's Organized Anarchists Posse
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Leadership: Mencken and The Narrator
Members: 7
Goals: Overthrow all native monarchies.
Recruitment policy: Minimum level required is 5.
Contact: Message The Narrator on forum


Our Manifesto:

Shartak has no crown. Shartak NEEDS no crown. Shartak belongs to the state of nature. And no one rules the state of nature.

Shartak's Organized Anarchists Posse (SOAP) is bent on one goal: the assassination of anyone who claims to be a member of royalty on the island.

Every time a crown-wearer dies (preferably in his/her own throne room), we send them this message: You are not powerful. I will not follow you, or serve you, or treat you as my better. You die just as easily as anyone. the difference between you and I is that my death is meaningless; yours is a crime. I will revive and kill another crown-wearer, and another; you will sit back on your throne, in control of nothing, no-one.

NB: SOAP does not engage in griefing. once a royal has been killed, SOAP members should move on to the next village. Killing members of the same royal family is permitted, however.

Notable Members


...And any who protect them (The Raktami Royal Guard for example.)

Allied Groups

Clan's History

Origins and Early Days

The intellectual underpinnings of SOAP were developed by Mencken after careful study of certain philosophical texts brought by the Outsiders, as well as the writings of Native folk heroes AlexanderRM and Ezekiel Jones. These thinkers convinced him that republicanism was a just cause and the Native monarchies stood in the way of true liberty. Realizing that the Native kingdoms would not relinquish their power voluntarily, Mencken vowed to use any means necessary to force the mainland kingdoms to abdicate. Anarchy, while not an end in itself, became an ideological weapon to terrorize and destabilize Native villages ruled by Monarchs.

Initially, SOAP was a one-man operation, with Mencken causing havoc in Raktam and Wiksik, killing royals and making speeches to rationalize the murders. Upon being killed in one village, he travelled to the other, and so forth. On one such trip between the two villages, Mencken was ambushed by a pirate bandit named gurujerry. Momentarily surprised, he recovered his wits and slew the pirate, admonishing him for attacking random travellers instead of the Outsiders' true enemy, the native kingdoms. Gurujerry became his first recruit. Others soon followed: on a visit to Derby, Mencken argued the peaceful healer Johnny the Hedgehog into submission, convincing him to give up his allegiance to the dying Peninsula Federation and become SOAP's Propagandist. On that same trip, Mencken recruited Xom, a young cannibal who, until then, had been a public menace in Derby. And in Raktam, he recruited Wall E, a former rival to the Crown, and The Narrator, a disgruntled Royal Court copyist. With the arrival of these last two members, SOAP finally became a feared clan.

Revolution in Raktam

In mid-November, 2010, the Queen of Raktam, Monaliza, fell into a coma, plunging the Royal Court into darkness. SOAP took advantage of this weakness and laid a month-long siege to Raktam. Mencken was absent for much of the fight, conducting a defense of his home in Rakmogak against raiders from York, thus Wall E and The Narrator assumed leadership responsibilities at this time. Although Monaliza recovered in time to drive out her foes, SOAP succeeded in destroying The Stone Witch Tavern, then-thought to be a stronghold of Royalist supporters, as well as thinning the ranks of the Raktami Royal Guard.

In December 2010, King Anthor of Wiksik, outraged at the events in Raktam and the havoc caused in his own village, declared war on the instigators of the Raktam war. Despite being formally included in Anthor's war declaration, SOAP played only a minor role in this conflict, its attention turned largely to recruitment efforts. Also during this time Mencken wrote two memos detailing SOAP's purpose and methods, as well as a treatise on PKing discovered posthumously.

In early January, 2011, Monaliza's illness returned, this time proving fatal. With only a few days left to live, the Queen decided to transfer her power to a worthy successor. SOAP learned of this and attempted to kill the Queen before the power-transferance ceremony could be completed, but the Queen was well-guarded and all attacks were repelled. Finally, on the day the ceremony was to occur, Mencken evaded the guards and attacked the Royal Court hut, killing both the King and Queen, as well as the top three Court officials present. With his goal apparently complete, Mencken committed suicide via fungi-overdose. Although the Queen revived determined to complete the ceremony, The Narrator killed her on the steps of Blue Hummingbird's throne, finally bringing an end to The Crimson Dynasty.

SOAP Today

With Mencken dead, The Narrator has assumed control of SOAP. He has vowed to continue to fight until the remnants of the Royal Court have been vanquished, as well as Anthor's still-thriving Kingdom of Wiksik.