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The Necromancers Guild
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In-game page
Leadership: Etherdrifter, Jesus H Christ
Members: 13 active 102 inactive
Goals: To coexist with our spirit kin.
Recruitment policy: Any who seek power through death or the dead.
Contact: The forum or in-game.

Our Pitch

Are you a lost soul who is carelessly cast out of every village by those unrelenting exorcists? Perhaps you’re a shaman craving forbidden power and ultimate riches, or a researcher aspiring to uncover the secrets behind Shartak's many amulets? Maybe you’re simply a mortal pursuing the secret of lichdom, life beyond death?

Then join us in our quest. We are not the black mages we are painted to be! Certainly our arts may involve using spirits to harm the living but we do patch them up afterwards..

Our knowledge of the spirit world is second to none. We tirelessly work at the fore-front of island research in all areas relating to the undead, amulets and shaman abilities.

...And let's face it, a group of spirit allies can raise hell when you’re planning a town raid.

Should you wish to join us feel free, membership is open and we welcome those from all walks of life, outsiders and natives. The guild is also available to hire - should you require a spiritual assault, simply contact us on the forum.


  • The Spirit Hut is a sacred guild hut, where Necromancer law rules. It is a place of knowledge and marked by the passing of the dead. Spirits and guild members have free rein in this hut and expect to exist in peace. Exorcising a spirit from there is punishable by death.Currently, there is one Spirit Hut. It is in Wiksik and marked by it's own icon.
  • The Necromancers Guild includes an elite fighting force known as the Death Knights. They are responsible for fulfilling contracts or bounties and slaying those on the guild’s KOS list. The Death Knights only target those on the KOS list or those personally requested by Etherdrifter and will always state that it is a guild-requested execution. Anything else is personal and responsibilty lies between the Knight and his victim. Not the guild. They are led by the Chief Death Knight, who assigns targets and ensures the KOS list is kept up-to-date.
  • The Ferryman or Ferrywoman plays an important role in the guild. He or she helps others to journey from the Land of the Living, to the Land of the Dead. Essentially, this is done by striking them down but only those who wish to become spirits for reasons of their own choosing. They must verbalise their request. Remember, this is a service that the Ferryman performs for the guild, so remember to thank them - don’t stab them!
  • Guild Diplomats are those who find words come easily to them. They can express the intentions and beliefs of the guild and as so, are able to speak for the guild when the need arises.
  • War Veterans are highly respected in the guild. They fought alongside the Guildmaster and defended the guild policies, during the times of war. As such, they maintain higher positions within the guild.
  • Spirit Knights are composed of the stronger members of the Necromancers Guild, dedicated to punishing those who would do offense against the Guild. Membership in this order is granted only by invitation to Wiksikian Shamans of level 10 or higher. Spirit Knights report to The Chief Death Knight.
  • Death Alchemists are a part of the science-specific wing of the Necromancers Guild. They are dedicated to the restocking of supplies and potions. They also take part in various other research projects. Death Alchemists report to The Master/Mistress of Potions.
  • The Dark Council is composed of six trusted guild members. Each Dark Council member is a leader of a certain field within the guild and is responsible for different tasks in the day to day running of the guild. The Dark Council positions and tasks are as follows:
    • The Master/Mistress of Knowledge is the lead researcher and organiser of projects.
    • The Great Wraith is the leader of guild spirits and organiser of spirit raids.
    • The Master/Mistress of Potions is the leader of guild alchemists,organiser of fungi juicing and wine brewing, and also leader of the hidden settlement know as Necropolis.
    • The Chief Death Knight is the leader of the Death Knights and is responsible for upholding guild law.
    • The Council Mouth is the leader of the diplomats and responsible for updating the forum and Necromancer's Wiki Page.
    • The Master/Mistress of Healing is the leader of guild healers and in charge of organising healing posts.

The Wars

The Necromancer War, referred to here as (NW), began during January 2008. A brief summary will be given purely as a record, but there is a more in-depth analysis here. There is also a full record collected by Big Kahuuna here.

“January saw Wiksik in the grip of war. Wiksik villagers, led by Black Fang (later known as the Grand Tyrant of Wiksik) turned on the Necromancers Guild. The reason for this was a Necromancer murdering Black Fang for slaughtering an outsider within Wiksik territory. Despite the guild pointing out that this was not a result of guild policy, but the actions of a lone guild member, this led to the villagers and shaman of Wiksik declaring war upon the guild. The main argument they had with the guild was the Guild Policy of killing natives who practiced exorcism in the Medical hut (renamed the Spirit hut by Necromancers) in opposition to the Necromancers' beliefs. The War lasted approximately 11 days, before the guild apologised and agreed to edit some policies.”

The second war involving the guild took place during February 2008 and was fought against the Stamp Out Shamanism clan led by

Um Bongo. This is here referred to as (SOSW). Once again Big Kahuuna performed a large service to the guild by keeping records of the events here. “SOS were against the Necromancers Guild’s use of spirits in the Medical hut and took issue with the guild. Their guild members began to repeatedly attack several of our own without provocation. Etherdrifter eventually declared war on the SOS guild. He was aided in the war by several key guild members - Ziggyirked, Bruce Lee, Cheesesteak and AliceBeth slaughtered the SOS members at every chance. They themselves were also cut down many times. Bhaal and Vortex healed the wounded and fought for peace through diplomacy. Stamp Out Shamanism eventually degenerated to a feeble parody of the guild, named the Necrophiliacs Guild, when some members of SOS became disillusioned with their guild and left. The Necrophiliacs Guild included notable members such as Um Bongo, Shining Willies,

Hugh Jorgan, Mike Oldfield, Pianoman, and the truly pathetic Ethernoobster, who were all rewarded with a stint on the KOS list. Some names have since been removed but Um Bongo has been given a permanent KOS status. Eventually, they all buggered off and Um Bongo left for York.

The third war involving the guild took place during October 2008 all the way till August 2009. It took part against a group called Greater Shartak Unification Coalition (GSUC) and State Of New York (SONY).

This war is referred to as (GSUCW) and is one of the guild's darkest hours. The war began when a group of outsiders banded together to form the Greater Shartak Unification Coalition - far from unifying the island, their goal was simply to wipe out and enslave the native race. They targeted Wiksik, home of the Necromancers Guild and the Kingdom of Skulls, viewing the village as the biggest threat. It was, after all, the source of two of the strongest clans in Shartak. This was the catalyst that finally prompted a proper Outsider response, for fear they would not be able to answer the threat the village posed. Whilst it’s entirely possible that GSUC started clan life with noble intentions, they soon began to attract the lowest, most despicable Shartak players. It was a clan where their in-game actions, no matter how degrading or insensitive, were tolerated and indeed encouraged. Notable examples are Kill Thrill and Stan666 (both under a number of user names). During November 2008, the Guild lost two of it’s well-known members to the ranks of GSUC. John the Baptist was punished by the Guild for breaking Guild Law and turned traitor, fleeing to the open arms of GSUC, taking Monopod with him. GSUC continued to claim power over Wiksik, or as they dubbed it ‘New York’. Once allied, John the Baptist was awarded the rank of Governor of New York by his new clan and created the State of New York clan in an attempt to bring Wiksik to her knees. Day after day the Guild and our allies were targeted, but nothing so vile as the abuse hurled at current leader of the KOS, Anthor. Eventually, peaceful members of the Necromancers Guild were relocated to the hidden city of Necropolis. A few continued to fight the good fight in Wiksik and our history will remember them. Eventually the threat of GSUC dried up. The clan remains to this day, though their leader is inactive. Their wounds inflicted upon Wiksik also remain and have not entirely healed.

Guild Members


Etherdrifter is the guildmaster and founder of this great order.

War Veterans

Anthor is leader of the KOW. (GSUCW)

Big Kahuuna kept records of the first war and is considered a Guild Elder.

Idle War Veterans

dragontamer56 is a Death Knight. (GSUCW)

Absinthe_Fairy (GSUCW)

Ajent ghost (GSUCW)

AliceBeth is a Death Knight, a Guild Diplomat and the daughter of Etherdrifter. (NW & SOSW & GSUCW)

animejunkie01 is a guild apprentice. (NW & SOSW & GSUCW)

Bokor is a guild apprentice. (GSUCW)

Bruce Lee is a Death Knight. (NW & SOSW)

deathtothenormals (GSUCW)

Goodaids is a guild healer. (SOSW)

Halcogeth is a guild apprentice. (GSUCW)

hawkeye099 is a Death Knight. (GSUCW)

Mindrender (GSUCW)

nineless is a Death Knight. (GSUCW)

Psycho Darko (GSUCW)

runemasteryx (GSUCW)

TallDarkugly (GSUCW)

Tracer Creedian ally within the guild. (SOSW & GSUCW)

UberDrag (GSUCW)

vikiki is a guild apprentice. (GSUCW)

Vortex (NW & SOSW & GSUCW)

xtbotts (GSUCW)

Ziggyirked is a guild ferrywoman. (NW & SOSW & GSUCW)

The Dark Council

Tracer is The Master of Knowledge. (idle)

Ankoku is The Great Wraith.

The Master of Potions is vacant.

Dunjk is The Chief Death Knight.

Big Kahuuna is The Council Mouth. (idle)

The Master of Healing is vacant.

Retired Dark Council Members

Witch Hazel was The Great Wraith but retired in 2016.

Jesus H Christ was the successor of Etherdrifter as Guildmaster, but stepped down in 2014.

Other active members

Izula is a guild apprentice.

Rath is a guild apprentice.

Flint is a guild apprentice.

Xrun is a guild apprentice.

Baby Birch is a death alchemist.

Richard Skull is a death alchemist.

Idle members

Kakepatis is a spirit knight.

Xek is a guild apprentice.

Feathers is a guild apprentice.

Melgor is a guild apprentice.

Godric is a guild apprentice.

Abbas Doomweaver is a guild apprentice.

The Mist Spirit is a guild apprentice.

Circe is a guild apprentice.

Isi Hart was a guild apprentice.

Al contrario was a Spirit Knight.

CompletelyRandom was a guild apprentice and researcher.

dragontamer56 was a guild apprentice.

Liberal Pi was a Spirit Knight.

Mestigiot was a Spirit Knight.

Nekrotzar was a guild apprentice.

nyvag0 was a guild apprentice.

Salen was a guild apprentice.

Seizon was a guild apprentice.

Signed was a guild apprentice.

The Shadow is a guild apprentice.

Alexander Lucard






Casper the Unfriendly Ghost



Dahlia Rae

Dances with Kevin Costner




Drifting Ether




falling sand



Grandmaster Doom



Madam Nico


Margath Shakam

Mehrunes Dagon




pink malibu

Robot Chicken

Shadow Soul


The Prophet Of Life



Yuni Von

Retired Members

Cheesesteak was the Chief Death Knight. (NW & SOSW)

SilyLilyPily was a Guild Researcher. (GSUCW)


Toledo the elephant

Guild Law

These are the laws of our guild, their penalties vary according to the crime. Punishments are harsh but fair, there is warning before any serious action is taken and every death sentence will be accompanied by a reason. Laws are only applicable in Wiksik and Spirit huts at the moment. There are specific laws for each branch.

The laws concerning sacred Spirit Huts:

  • To exorcise from this hut carries with it a death sentence, no more no less. Repeat offences (3 or more) will result in a month long KOS being placed on the offender's head.
  • To kill a guild member in this hut (outsider or native) carries a death sentence, a single death for a single death. Repeat offences (3 or more) will result in a month long KOS being placed on the offender's head.
  • Murder by Wailing is permitted in the hut, it is a risk you take in its use. Attempts to take revenge for a wail related Spirit hut death will be considered as murder within the hut and punished accordingly.
  • Murder by Malevolence is not permitted, the penalty is applied to the invoker and not the spirit.

The laws concerning Wiksik:

  • Invocation for the purpose of Exorcism is forbidden if the spirit invoked was residing in the spirit hut during the time of Invocation. For a first offence a verbal warning is given. If a further offence is committed after receiving the warning, a death penalty is applied for each invoke (of a spirit from the hut) and exorcism (of said spirit from the hut). This crime will never result in a KOS unless there are extreme circumstances.
  • Murder of a guild member is frowned upon by the guild. However, if the guild member was committing a crime then there will be no retribution (I.e. if a guild member murders you, you have every right to kill them in return). If the guild member is peaceful and is not violating any law it will be treated similar to a murder within the Spirit Hut and punished accordingly.
  • Assault of a guild member is not punished unless the guild member in question is killed later on as a direct result of the assault. Wailing is not constituted as assault.
  • Malevolence in the Spirit Hut that results in the death of a guild member is punishable by guild law by the guild. Malevolence in the Spirit Hut that results in the death of a non-guild member is punishable but not by the guild.
  • Wailing that results in death is not punishable by the guild.

Guild policy regarding Outsiders:

The Necromancers guild will not attack outsiders in Wiksik, but nor will we defend them. Specifically:

  • Hostile outsiders (targeting Wiksik or the guild), such as those on the KOS list, will be attacked.
  • Harmless outsiders, such as traders, will not be attacked but should state their intentions.
  • Outsiders in foreign towns - e.g. York - or at the Shipwreck are fair game for raids and attacks.
  • The exception to the rule above are allies of the guild and those who have proven their peaceful intentions to the guild.

The Necromnis

Upon the eve of the new year I Etherdrifter do abdicate my position of guildmaster and instil, instead, the dark council. It is my will that the following rules bind the council, any who fail to adhere to them are to be cast from our ranks and labelled traitor.

The council shall be formed of 7 members, these members being;

The Master/Mistress Of Knowledge

The Great Wraith

The Master/Mistress Of Healing

The Master/Mistress Of Potions

The Chief Death Knight

The Council Mouth

The Guildmaster

Each member will be expected to uphold a certain duty, as well as manage the guild.

Herein is a list of the duties expected of each council members as well as their privileges.

The Master/Mistress of knowledge is expected to lead the guild in research, it is expected that they are proficient in the arts of understanding. Any who label themselves researchers lie under this Master/Mistress and it is his/her task to direct them in the manner of their research. The Master/Mistress of Knowledge will also have custody over the guild library, it will be their duty to arrange newly acquired research into books usable by guild members.

The Great Wraith will be bound to serve as the guild's leader of spirits. All who are spirits fall under the great wraith's command. It is His/Her duty to guide new spirits and teach them the powers of the dead. The great wraith is expected to lead spirits, organise hauntings and carry out strikes.

The Master/Mistress of healing is honour bound to lead the guild's healers and to always carry a large stock of herbs. He/She resides over any who call themselves healers and is expected to organise and deploy them in the best interests of the guild.

The Master/Mistress of potions is expected to carry out the difficult task of manufacturing elixirs for the guild. Those who call themselves alchemists shall answer to this Master/Mistress. They are charged with the production of wines and fungi juices for the benefit of the guild.

The Council Mouth is charged with guild diplomacy, he/she will speak on behalf of the guild with the voice of the guild. Their responsibilities are to make sure the guild is well advertised. They may ask guild members to carry news, offer alliance and other diplomatic agreements. The mouth must only act with the consent of the council.

The Chief Death Knight is charged with upholding guild law, to this end all who call themselves death knights fall under their command. In times of war the Chief Death Knight is also charged with directing our forces and planning campaigns. The chief death knight is expected to carry out the execution of guild law in times of peace and in war.

Finally, the role of Guildmaster. The Guildmaster is charged with recruiting new members, answering questions on guild policy and law, formulating matters for the dark council to consider and breaking a tied vote. They may also veto a motion in the dark council, to forestall a vote up to 1 week. The guildmaster is finally charged with managing the Dark Council, theirs is the power to dismiss members who fail in their duties.

In the event that a position on the dark council is left unfilled volunteers will be called for, and should more than one present themselves a vote must be held and the position must only be granted with a majority of 5 to 2.

For war to be declared a majority of 5 to 2 is required.

To end a war a majority of 4 to 3 is required.

To alter guild law a majority of 6 to 1 is required.

In matters of treason a majority of 5 to 2 is required.

In all other matters a majority of 4 to 3 is required to carry a motion.

Dark council members are all charged to vote when asked to do so, abstention is a privilege of the guildmaster alone and they must cast their vote in the event of a tie.

This document may be updated only by unanimous agreement from the Dark Council.--Etherdrifter 00:15, 31 December 2011 (UTC)

Guild Edicts In Place

This section is for any guild edicts currently in place. They are alterations to the law for special circumstances, and as such take precedence over guild law till the edict is revoked.

Guild History - Events that affected the guild.

The Beginning. December 2007.

Founded in late 2007 the Necromancers Guild quickly rose to power in the village of Wiksik. With their grasp of the Spirit World and their swift bargaining they took control of the local medical hut and renamed it the Spirit Hut. With the founding of the guild, shaman and spirit alike flocked to the previously quiet village of Wiksik and thus a new age was born.

The First War. January 2008.

The Necromancers War began. (See the First War section for details.)

The Second War. February 2008.

The war with the SOS guild began. (See the Second War section for details.)

Alliance with the KOS. June 2008.

The Necromancers Guild allied with the Kingdom of Skulls during June 2008. Etherdrifter accepted the position of Royal Magician, agreeing to ally with the Kingdom for mutual benefit and several guild members joined the other clan.

Black Fang passes on. October 2008.

After the loss of Black Fang, Etherdrifter weaved powerful magics to seal the KOS Throne room. This was done partly in tribute to the Grand Tyrant, but also to force the new KOS leader, Anthor to prove his worth. If Anthor failed to complete a quest set by the Gods, the Throne room would remain sealed forever.

GSUC's Rise. October 2008

The GSUC clan was formed and launched an attacked on Wiksik including repeatedly killing the village Shaman and using stolen Guild tactics such as launching attacks on the medical hut. (See the Third War) Three Guild members, John The Baptist, Monopod and Witch of Endor turned traitor and join the ranks of GSUC at this time.

Necropolis. October 2008

Due to the benevolence of the powers that be the guild had Wiksik re-named "Necropolis" for 2 days in celebration of Halloween.

Etherdrifter's retirement. January 2009

Etherdrifter retired as guildmaster and named his daughter, AliceBeth, as his successor.

Exodus. February 2009

Many guild members, tired of the constant wars in Wiksik, left and founded a secret city dubbed Necropolis deep in the island's cavernous network.

Reclamation. April 2009

Many guild members returned to Wiksik as Etherdrifter left the Sacred Space and began his war against the dissident Necromancers John The Baptist and Monopod. AliceBeth gave up the Guild leadership to her father.

The End Of Days. Early August 2009

Simon declares that Shartak is closing due to too many complaints. The Guild gathers in the spirit hut in wiksik to wait for the end. Drinking down the last of the poison berry wine.

A period of peace and research. Late August 2009

With the announcement that Shartak was not going to sink into the sea, Guild members spent their time researching and uncovered many of the island's hidden mechanics.

Rebirth. November 2009

With Shartak V2 phase one released, the Guild once again begins to actively recruit new members and expand.

KOS Vs KOW March-April 2010

A scion of Black Fang appeared, King Kuru, and his appearence shook the guild to it's core for he declared war on the KOW. The guild remained neutral, the spirit hut a sacred space for all to rest. The end of the war was bought about when Kuru refused to attend peace talks. Some say it was Ether who called down the meteor, others say it was the creator himself. All that is known is that the throne room was no more, the moment Etherdrifter denounced Kuru and chose in favour of Anthor.

The Royal Court Incident Late August 2010

This was another troubled time for the guild. Queen Monaliza of the royal court of raktam declared necromancy illegal in Raktam and ordered all necromancers to quit the village. The guild complied but broke it's alliance to the royal court as a result.

The Age Of Peace Jan - Nov 2011

The guild seemed to enter a period of perpetual peace. No major wars took place, nor battles of note. A few confused souls did attack the spirit hut from time to time but caused only minor disruption. Now, as the year draws to a close, the guild is preparing for the inevitable chaos that will ensue once Anthor abdicates his throne in Wiksik...

The Resurrection Sep 2012

The guild has risen again under the new leadership of Jesus H Christ, though most of our members have left we shall continue as powerful as ever.

The Wiksik Era August 2016

The guild is still going strong, Jesus H Christ having stepped down in 2014 as guildmaster and Etherdrifter having re-taken the post in 2015. The island is largely silent, the feared war never materialising even after Anthor abdicated. Many have left the island at this time, but the doors of the spirit hut, as always, remain open and there is always someone there.


There are several positions currently available in the guild:

  • Trader.

There is an opportunity for an Island trader to make some money with the guild. We require lots of amulets, especially silver skull crosses. This would be a regular contract, not a one off. We can also supply healing herbs as required. For more information, contact Etherdrifter in-game.

  • Death Alchemists.

Potions are always useful to have and we always have need of more fungi juice. The Death Alchemists have the dangerous job of obtaining and mixing both fungi juice and berry wines for guild actions, be those raids, trades or other experiments...

  • Guild Wraiths.

There are some whose loyalty to the guild is beyond question, indeed, the guild was founded for their protection. I speak, of course, of the guild wraiths; those who give up their earthly shells and embrace life as one of the dead. The role of a guild spirit is to assist in the spirit hut singing, to locate those who harm guild members, and to aid the guild in the deployment of its ultimate weapon, the spirit strike. Contact Ankoku ingame should you wish to join our fell choir.

  • Death Knights.

There are currently several Death Knight positions open in the guild. Requirements include being a member of the Necromancers Guild and having several attack skills. The ability to track people is preferable as is outsider knowledge for use of GPS units, but neither are necessary. See the Death Knight definition to find out what work is entailed. For more information, contact Dunjk in the spirit hut.

  • Researcher.

We are currently recruiting researchers to find out the secrets of the island, and keep up with the changes upon it, contact Etherdrifterin game if you are interested in taking on one of the many research projects.

The current KOS list:

Permanent KOS:

High Priority: For the repeated murder of guild members:

For Treason

Short Term

For more information or to submit a request for KOS status, see Dunjk in the spirit hut, or the wiksik area.


The Necromancers Guild has its own forum. If you wish to contact a guild member (out of character) then it’s best to sign up there and send them a message or leave a post.