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Mercenary's Guild
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In-game page
Leadership: The Malice, Tom Failur, and Endzone
Members: 3?
Goals: $$$
Recruitment policy: Are you greedy? Do you have low moral standards? Welcome to the Mercenary's Guild.

Mercenary's Guild, what?

It's pretty simple: party 1 pays party 2 to kill party 3. We're party 2.

We (not currently, but soon will) have branches in all the outsider towns, who handle business in those towns. For example, the Durham branch deals with Durham bounties and contracts, and also the business in the surrounding areas. This is still being implemented as the MG has recently reunited. We're still picking up the pieces.


It's a long history. It's had it's ups and it's downs. Right now it's on an up after a very long down which was preceded by several ups.


The Mercenary's Guild strives only to make money for its members. Our goals of being bad-ass and controversial have already been achieved.


  • Sunday, May 14th - Mercenary's Guild founded by Wojciech and The Malice.
Bounty list set up by Tom Failur.
  • Monday, May 15th - Mercenary's Guild TWO DAYS OLD and SIX members, with a seventh on the way! Rejoice!
Forum set up.
  • Sunday, May 21st - The Mercenary's Guild declares war on the Shadow League due to illiterate insults found carved in the side of a wall.
  • Monday, September 4th - The Mercenary's Guild back in action after a long period of inactivity due to leadership being on vacation. Roll call is currently being performed and it may take a few more days until we can fully resume operations.
  • Mid-September - The MG appears to be fully operational again, and we're attacking York as part of a contract, obviously.
  • Late November - Opium Den established, conclusion that this news section is pointless has been reached.
  • Recently - Expect mass reform of the MG, not necessarily to impose a better impression.
  • Even more recently - BANDIT CLAN, BABY, PERIOD
  • Extremely recently - We're back in business, for business. The bandit thing got old, we died, we pulled a Lazarus.

Do's and Dont's

The Mercenary's Guild will not zerg or use multiple characters owned by one person to complete its goals. That's pretty much it.


As a full-fledged, legal guild on the lovely island of Shartak, we offer various benefits to working with us. Full dental, for example. A member-only Opium Den. We are an EOE.

See our discussion page for mad advertising goodness.


Any Mercenary In-game

The Malice, Endzone, or Tom Failur on the Shartak forums.

Our Guildhouse

We are always looking for more mercenaries.

And Now For Something Completely Different: