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Scroll.PNG This is a historical article, describing a past event or events that occurred on Shartak.


Kalmogal's Grave

Grunk faced the fire, around him were three cannibals. One was Khali, his monstrous bulk casting even huger shadows in the firelight. The other was Nihilo, the Obsidian spear resting in his hands, soaking up whatever light got near it.

Lastly was the cannibal Narktan. He could be taken as a Wiksikian, or maybe a rough Dalpokian, as his features weren't as deteriorated as most cannibals. His body though was covered in a series of tattoos and piercings, each one a symbol of his cunning mind. Narktan was a thinker, a strategist, an unusual cannibal. His eyes always searching for the stronger prey, so while he not boast an impressive kill count like Khali and Nihilo, he has been known to play with his prey, laughing as they try to get away.

Grunk looked at Narktan, "Tell me brother, what did you and Nihilo see?"

Narktan cackled, him and Nihilo had went to Gra'Kalmogal, the honored grave site of a Elder Cannibal. There was a reason why no natives lived on the penisula that Durham was on was because a Cannibal town use to inhabit that area. Grunk sent Narktan and Nihilo to check on the ruins of this old town.

Narktan grinned, "There was shiny lights on at night, several people milled about the ruins. They had no respect for our dead. So, I ate them." He cackled, holding his sides in laughter.

Narktan was prone to fits of laughter, genius always came with a price.

"Did you find out where they are from?" asked Grunk. Behind Grunk, the old ferocious tiger that followed him growled, shifting it's weight and falling back asleep. Absentmindedly, Grunk threw a piece of meat it it's direction. It was soon gone.

"Oh yes!" said Narktan, "Nihilo here wanted to burn the place to the ground, but I said no, wait, they will come back, since the shamans here bring back the dead, and yes, they did come back! OH YES! And when they did, they had even greater numbers!" He broke into another fit of laughter.

"I killed even more, we killed even more," Responded Nihilo, stroking the Obsidian Spear. Grunk liked how unnerving his compatriots where, the madness floating between the lines of sanity and insanity. Enough to follow, but not blind devotion, more as a guideline. Grunk cultivated this to his needs.

"And, one of them, screaming like, like, a wounded monkey, HAHAHAHHA!" squealed Narktan, "He told me where they came from. A town of Durham."

"Durham, the town stuck on the peninsula, separated from everyone, using our holy land?" said Grunk. "This I do not like."

Khali finally spoke, a deep voice, "I say we eat them."

"Even more," Responded Grunk, "Kalmogal was known for torturing his prey first. I say we starve them, then eat them."

Narktan chuckled again.

"Time to inform the Collective of our next target."

The Contest

Animal Points Screenshots of either the kill or the event history required.

  * Bat = 1
  * Parrot = 1
  * Large Stag = 2
  * Monkey = 2
  * Large or Small Deer = 2
  * Turtle = 2
  * Wild boar = 3
  * Tiger = 4; ferocious +2
  * Rhino = 4
  * Elephant = 6; rogue +3 
  * Giant squid = 20; fully-grown +10

Animals not counted in this contest: Anything not listed in the above list, including songbirds, bears, shargles, and other exotic species not native to the Peninsula.

Points for Killing People. (Underworld Log is necessary for kill. Kills only count for Level 3 and above. Please note, Player kills include outsider as well as natives this time)

  * +1 for Initial Kill
  * +3 for Durhamite, Fort Creedy Member, or Great Southall Member  
  * +1 for Tracker (10 to 49 Animal kills)
  * +2 for Hunter (50 to 99 Animal kills)
  * +3 for Ranger (+100 Animals kills)
  * +5 for Slaughterer (+100 Player Kills) 
  * +3 for Butcher (50-99 Player Kills)
  * +2 for Killer (20-49 Player Kills)
  * +1 for Aspiring killer (1-19 Player Kills)
  * -5 for Peaceful (0 Player Kills Bonus points null on these targets.)
  * -5 for Cannibal (Bonus points null on these targets.)

Bonus points Screen Shots needed for Bonus points to be effective. All Screen Shots should be posted in this thread or sent to me via PM if you want to be Anonymous.

  * +3 for First Feast on victim
  * +1 for Additional Feasts on victim
  * + 1 for Healing a Fellow Cannibal that is participating in the contest (For Every Healing Herb used)
  * + 1 for Taunting (If I deem a Taunt unworthy, I will not include it in the total points.  You have been warned.)

The contest begins on February 22nd (midnight server time). Before that time you should stock up on herbs and clubs and get yourselves to the peninsula. All contestants should either post their cannibal profile here, or send me the profile over PM if they want to be anonymous. The contest ends when someone reaches a total of 300 points or has the most points at the end of March 21st (midnight server time).

Special Rule Changes

Since the Durhamites took to killing the Roamer near them, the following special rule was added +10 for each Jidram Kill in their profile

The Contestants

Kalmogal's Token

Bloody, battered, bruised, but victorious none the less.

The fight was a vicious one, the outsiders were more organized, ready, and willing to do anything to live this time around. The cannibals fought, some fell, but even if one shaman was dead, others would revive them. The cannibals kept coming, moving forward like the tides in the ocean, eventually finding favor with their ancestors.

Kalmogal's Grave

Grunk the Pale rested here, leaning against ruined brickwork and rotten wood that consituted a majority of the buildings in this area. The surrounding forest was dead, as if nothing could grow in this area.

Nothing could. Kalmogal and his band of cannibals saw to that.

Tkltchk entered the clearing, walking like an ape, but he entered cautiously, he has crossed paths with Grunk before. He has killed Grunk before. He had feasted on Grunk before. They both know this.

"I...helped...I...feasted..." spoke Tkltchk, making sure his head was below Grunk's, his eyes casted downward.

"Yes, you did the best out of us brother," said Grunk, "I do not like you Tkltchk." He said the name with venom. "You feasted on me when we were young. The shamans' brought me back yes, but you still feasted."

Tkltchk heard noises above him, and looked around in wide eyed wonder as several cannibals appeared on the ruined rooftops of the buildings. He recognized the high pitched laugh of Narktan, he saw the black spear of legend being held by Nihilo, but others he didn't know from sight, or from reputation.

The world seem to vanish though as a cannibal appeared before Tkltchk. One of them was tall, but skinny none the less. He was pale, paler than the outsiders Tkltchk had saw. Tkltchk notice the cannibal walking to him, so he stood, to his full height. The cannibal placed a glove in Tkltchk's hand.

"You have earned this brother. Take my glove, as a token on my gratitude."

The cannibal vanished, and the world came back in a focus.

"What....." said Tkltchk holding a glove in his hand, "..happened?"

Grunk the Pale smiled, "Narktan, what is he holding?"

The strange cannibal jumped down from the rooftop and landed gracefully on the ground. He examined the glove in Tkltchk's hand. He held it up to the sun, he tasted the fibers, then he smiled.

"It is a symbol of Kalmogal! He has found us worthy!"

The cannibals cheered. Grunk the Pale looked at Tkltchk.

"The glove is yours to keep. I may not like you, but you are still one of us." He turned to address the group. "Cannibals! Let us find new prey!"

The group dispersed, vanishing into the night.

Kalmogal's Glove Description

Kalmogal's Glove is made of an unknown metal, rusted and pitted, yet seemingly unbreakable. The back of the gauntlet is covered in cruel hooks and spikes designed to rend flesh from bone, and the fingers end in vicious talons. The wearer of the Glove is Kalmogal's Champion, and it is incumbent upon them to honour the ancient warlord's passion for torture, blood and death.

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