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The Holy Mission|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" Evangelizacion.jpg|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: Father Bob Nowak
Members: 5
Goals: Spread the word of Christ. By fire and sword, if necessary.
Recruitment policy: Must love the Lord and hate the devil. Must have all it takes to build God's church in Shartak
Contact: Join NOW and save the world!

The Pope calls you to reclaim the island Shartak from filthy hands of devil-worshipping savages and give it back to its TRUE owner - the Lord.

Young zealots and true believers - enlist here and please the Lord by ki.. I mean converting these poor pagan souls into the One True faith, and giving a helping hand to build a glorious church in Shartak.


The sickening decay of HERESY has reached the island! Beware...

The First Crusade in Shartak

Yesterday the Lord Himself spoke to me, and He said "Smite My enemies without mercy. Thou shalt reclaim this land that's rightfully Mine, thou shalt make native blood flow in rivers. No other god shalt be before Me in the village of Wiksik".

As a traveller and missionary, on my own eyes I have seen the horrible atrocities that are taking place there - death, depravity and sodomy in broad light of day - ritualistic murders, rape, things beyond imagination of a God-fearing decent man. Demonic practices are part of everyday lives of these savages - they give worship to Satan himself! They build temples to him, made entirely of gold! Gold is everywhere - these natives are wearing it on their bodies in form of rings, armbans and jewel-incrusted necklaces, and each hut is no doubt filled to the roof with it. But they won't share it, they're evil and greedy...

These Wiksik savages are dangerous and evil, and for the good of Shartak and every decent person on they need to be cleansed, in the name and glory of God!

This holy and noble cause needs soldiers! We must purge the village of Wiksik from evil savages! Join while you still have the chance to share the glory.
And gold.

Time and place

Interested individuals should gather on the lake north-west of Wiksik Sunday, March 18th. Once at least 15 brave souls show up, the party will head for the village. Should too few come... well, the island will probably become savages' dominion and everyone on it will burn in hell for all eternity.

To confirm your involvement, sign up below. Groups and clans are also welcome.


Bob Nowak
Father Esteban
Brother-Captain Theos