April Fool's Day

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This is the page where we shall log the things that Simon does for us on April Fool's Day! If anyone knows what happened in a previous year, kindly edit it in. If anything happened.

April Fool's Calendar


  • Players were caught wearing strange colored clothing, which would change with every reload of the character screen.


  • In conjunction with Anthor's Mystery Contest, false coordinates at [-70.581,+26.430] to Anthor's whereabouts were planted in the Shartak game news. Upon arrival to the designated area, one would find a signpost that said, Sorry, Anthor's not really here. April fool's.


  • A level 43 Bandit named SmashnGrab was created solely for 2008's April Fool's Day prank. Upon logging into a character on April Fool's Day, an event appear that said that their entire inventory was stolen by a bandit. However, after the next use of AP, their inventory would reappear.


  • Player names were reversed on-screen.
  • Movement reversed (left goes right, right goes left.. etc)