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Tracking gives players information about recent animal and human tracks if they have the skill basic tracking. Players track by clicking the "Look for Tracks" button, which costs 2 AP for basic trackers and gives message such as "A wild boar went south." Tracking is not random; repeated tracking attempts on the same location will yield exactly the same results until new tracks are left. Only the next square of the creature's wanderings will be given, so following a trail is an AP-intensive process.

Advanced tracking reduces the cost of tracking to 1.5 AP. It will allow a tracker to see up to half a dozen tracks (in a well-travelled area) and will describe tracks as being "quite recent", "recent", "several days [old]", etc.

Untrackable terrain

On certain terrain, tracking attempts will not use any AP but will instead yield a message: "You can't make out any kinds of tracks in these surroundings." You cannot track in:

  • water (including deep water, the waterfall, and rivers)
  • swamps
  • tunnels (including the mountain path and the cave-in, but perhaps not including the dark cave)

You are able to track on the mountain ledge (the path of jungle squares at the top of the waterfall and mountain paths).

Untrackable animals

Certain animals cannot be tracked even if player's tracking skill tree is complete and animal is moving across the trackable terrain. These animals include parrots.

Tracking skill tree

  • Basic tracking - With some difficulty, you can track animals and people.
    • Advanced tracking - You can track animals and people who were here recently.
      • Expert tracking - You can track animals and people who were here several days ago.
        • Tracking mastery - Tracking animals and people is nearly effortless.