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Russell The Vicious
Profile Russell The Vicious
Group The Defias Brotherhood
Sub-Group None
Goals To Kill And Steal.
Contact Good Luck Finding Me
Style Bandit, Murderer, Highwayman
Favorite Weapon Anything Sharp and or Pointy

Russell has a large stature which helped when he was a lumberjack. Despite his large stature he is stealthy. He wears the red bandanna of the Defias Brotherhood proudly. He has many different pieces of leather armor that protect him from weapons. He wears less of the armor during the hotter months, but he never takes off the red bandanna. When he isn't wearing all of his armor you can see his tattoo. His tattoo is a series of gears which mesh together perfectly leading to a very large broken gear on his back. The broken gear is a symbol for "the machine will not run smoothly if the parts go renegade," which is what the Defias Brotherhood declared the day they were formed.

Russell was born in the farmlands of the Kingdom. He worked on the family farm until he was old enough to move away. He moved to the Kingdom and was hired to cut trees in the Dark Forest. It was a dangerous job which lead to many of the workers being mauled by wolves. Russell learned how to be stealthy, despite his large stature, by hiding from the wolves and sneaking back to the base camp so he wouldn't be killed. Russell got tired of fearing for his life so when he had enough move he bought his own house. He lived close enough to the Kingdom that he would use his new talents to make money so he could live comfortably. The Great War started after many years of conflict with the neighboring kingdom. Russell was forced to join the Kingdom's army during the Great War. After many different training sessions they placed Russell in the Kingdom's Rogue force. They were used for tasks like scouting or assassination depending on the circumstance. The Rogues were the most respected force in the army and was the reason for the end of the Great War.

Russell continued his life of crime after the Great War. After many years and the steal getting bigger and bigger, Russell was recruited into the Defias Brotherhood. Russell quickly rose through the ranks of the Brotherhood and became one of the lieutenants. After the leader, Edwin Vancleef, was killed, Russell hunted down the adventurers and killed them to avenge his fallen leader. After they were all killed Russell was asked to travel to this island to establish an effective base of operations and continue stealing and killing anyone from the Kingdom.

Crime is a beautiful thing.

"Crime takes but
a moment but
justice an eternity."

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness.
Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.
Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.
- Sun Tzu

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