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Lord Twerpington

Lord Twerpington

Lord Quentin Twerpington, 11th Earl of Stonyford, married with seven children. His income is believed to be in the region of £13,000 a year. His holding include the shire of Stonyford, the villages of Pree and Hent and shares in Imperial Rail and The Colonial Carriage Company. He served in the Second Krimean War commanding the 1st Stonyford Rifles and was present at the battle of Heifer's Pass, in which a resounding defeat was inflicted on the Tarfars. Their fruit-based projectile weapons proved entirely useless against the modern rifle. He lost his favourite pocket watch and roughly half his regiment during the attack on the Palace of the Veiled Sultan, who nefariously used captured weapons against the Stonyfords, the treacherous swine. He is credited with the discovery of Denmark by the Royal Geographic Society but the Danish government is attempting to have his claim reversed.

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