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Mar is a young soldier. He is quite peculiar since he has an orange furry creature that sits upon his shoulder. The animal can talk and is rather mouthy unlike it's owner. It claims it's name is Daxter and that he was once a person until he fell into a puddle of black liquid.

He is brave and curious, willing to throw himself into dangerous situations. He is angry, rebellious, and reckless but nonetheless heroic.

He is about 6 feet tall, has spiky green and yellow hair. His goatee and sideburns are green. He has blue eyes which show through his rough exterior to reveal pure intentions. His outfit is a blue shirt and beige pants. The armor on his left shoulder protects him from Daxter's claws. He has also wears goggles. He also has a metallic ring strapped to his chest. He has metal gauntlets and leggings worn by a legendary warrior from where he lives.

Mar is from a different planet if not a different time altogether. He came from a place full of energy called Eco, which powered one's body and mind. Many great Sages mastered Eco, but none of them ever mastering them all, and even fewer mastering Dark or Light Eco. There was one during Mar's lifetime who mastered both.

When Mar was 15, his friend Daxter fell into a Dark Eco Silo which transformed him into an Ottsel. Mar and Daxter then proceeded to travel to see the Dark and Light Eco Sage to have him turn Daxter back. Along the way, the other Sages across the world were taken captive. Mar continued to find out the the Sage had captured the other Sages and was planning on destroying the world. Mar stopped them but doing this made it so Daxter could not be turned back.

After defeating the evil Sage, Mar, Daxter, and their friends found a huge mystical gate. The gate ended up propelling Mar and his friends to the future. Mar was then taken captive and tortured with Dark Eco by the evil king of the city. He broke free after two years and joined the rebellion, the Underground, and fought against the evil king and the evil monsters which have destroyed most of the world. The evil king had a weapon that would actually destroy the world, not just the king of the monsters and it's nest. Mar defeated the evil king, stopped the weapon, and killed the monster's king.

About 6 months after the evil king was defeated, Mar was banished to the Wasteland Island. He was found after a day of wandering around the desert island by the king of Spargus and a few of his close advisers. Mar was forced to prove himself to the king by competing in the arena, doing jobs around the city, and doing missions across Wasteland Island. Mar was then introduced to Light Eco and it countered the affects of the Dark Eco from his torturous time in the prison.

The strongest of the monsters survived and continued to attack the city, while a robot army had formed and fought against the new government. The leader of the robot army was an ex-leader of the old army before the evil king was defeated. On top of the warring city, Gods, called Precursors, corrupt with Dark Eco were coming to the planet to destroy it. Mar was asked to come back to the city but refused until he found out the way to stop the Dark Precursors was within the city. Mar fought against the monsters and the robot army, driving back the monsters to get to the planetary defense system. After finding the defense system, Mar attacked the armory where the robots were being made and destroyed it. The leader of the robot army went to the Dark Precursors ship and started up one of it's attack vehicles and came back, landing on Wasteland Island. Mar started up the defense system, destroying the Dark Precursors. He then traveled to Wasteland Island, and fought the attack vehicle. After destroying the vehicle, Mar defeated the leader of the robot army.

Soon after, the Precursors asked Mar to travel through time and space to help. He agreed and was transported to Shartak. He feels alien in this new place. He still gets weapons and to kill which makes him happy.