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Characters actively playing

  • Cheesesteak - Guardian of Wiksik and (self-proclaimed) King of the Wiki; Cheesesteak/Chiztak is a dark-skinned and slender Wiksiki bear-scout. A maverick since his youth, Cheesesteak aligned himself with the Necromancers Guild quickly after its formation, instead of following in the footsteps of his headhunting kin. He combines the spiritual and martial arts to land deadly, sudden blows to his victims.
  • Saracen - Durham Minister of Expedition; former PKer; Saracen is an Arabian warrior and merchant who arrived in Shartak after a devastating storm claimed his trade ship. The island was full of demon-possessed killers and criminals alike, so he took up the sword to defend his life. Became Eudation Minister of Durham and feuded with La Famiglia di Machetti, especially Marco and Vincenzo, after Marco decided to honor his hitlist. At the moment is slaying the Magog-like people in the north island.
  • The Great Khali - SWF wrestler, Uber-Rakmogaki; Standing at 7 foot tall and 4 inches, weighing at 420 lbs, The Great Khali! Unafraid of pythons and lions in his youth, Khali has wrestled with the elephants and tigers in the jungles of Rakmogak. Not only is Khali physically impressive, but he is also a master hunter and tactician. All non-Rakmogaki that get in his way are consumed by this awesome monster.

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Shartak Wiki goals:

  • Learn more wiki coding
  • Standardize, standardize, standardize
  • Upload newer image files to replace obsolete and outdated image files
  • Make Sacred Space look useful and nice
  • Rename "The Shartak Wiki" into "Wiksikipedia"

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