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Recent Events

Call to the Machetes!

The first killing rampage of our founder Foo Fighter was ended by a...missionary.

He is from Derby. What is this Derby? We don't know exactly. It is somewhere in the south east of Wiksik.

What do they do (except killing headhunters)? They build a street right in our direction!

So what do we do? We meet up in Wiksik and go hunt their heads!

Let's meet at the two famous huts north of the shaman in Wiksik. We stock up on poison darts and healing herbs and make each other hot for the glorious taking of outsider heads! Bring your preservation potions!

The First Gathering!

Slowly but surely, the outsiders build their road, but not in peace anymore. We met under the famous tree south east of Wiksik, held initiatory sacrifices, brought forth a totally stunned survivor and marked our first gathering with blood! Two outsiders died that day, one of them obviously the too enterprising road builder himself. Soon enough, the outsiders will cower in their windy huts, whispering about the merciless headhunters!

The Rampage Begins!

After staging a small deer giveaway to appease the spirits, The WickSick Headhunters spread out along the already overgrowing street derbywards. Many, many more heads were taken since the initial sacrifices of the road builders, and only on casualty to moan so far. Our brave Emile Durkheim was slain several times by a certain 'Spookey' and had to return to our shaman to get some evil curse potions.

Spring Cleaning and the Unriddling of Derby

The fame of the WickSick Headhunters spread fastly around fair Wiksik, and, after the advaent of several outsiders, many natives went 'WickSick' and started to search the heads of outsiders who were lured there by our, ahem, 'virgin' maidens. In the meantime, Foo Fighter finally reached Derby, scouted the weapons and healing huts and established barter relations with 'Trader Tom'. He is still stalking windy Derby, but his letters tell of growing home-sickness, so the reunion of all Wicksick Headhunters might be near...

The Ritual to Appease the Ancestors

We gathered on the island south of Derby and happily sacrificied our brother Lama as gift to our Ancestor Spirits. Here is an account of the occasion:

Wambayak says "everybody attended?" (2006-05-05 17:15)

Thordulf says "Aah, brave Foo needs some Hoodoo Magic... Here, my last pack of Fine Wiksikkian" (2006-05-05 17:15)

Thordulf says "Yes, I might need to rest the legs a bit when we get there though..." (2006-05-05 17:16)

Foo Fighter says "Thank you, Elder Thordulf! Now it time to call on the Ancestors! *Starts to dance and writhes babbling on the floor soon* Let's sacrifice our brother Lama!" (2006-05-05 17:17)

Thordulf says "Indeed!" (2006-05-05 17:18)

Wambayak says "First we gonna choose the weakest of us, then we will sacrifice him to get the attention of the Ancestors. After we have danced and sungen a lot of old chanties we will break up next morning. " (2006-05-05 17:18)

Thordulf says "Aah, I like that brown frothy liquid, the only good thing to come out of Derby!" (2006-05-05 17:19)

Foo Fighter says "*still writhing* We have to deliver our brother now, it is a hard work, but it has to be done!" (2006-05-05 17:19)

Wambayak says "So even it doesn`t seems so we decided to kill lama. Die in honor brother.... " (2006-05-05 17:19)

Foo Fighter fires at you for 4 damage. (2006-05-05 17:19)

Foo Fighter fires at you for 4 damage. (2006-05-05 17:20)

Foo Fighter fires at you for 4 damage. (2006-05-05 17:20)

Foo Fighter fires at you for 4 damage. (2006-05-05 17:20)

Wambayak says "First let me get a bit of that liqiud..." (2006-05-05 17:20)

Foo Fighter fires at you for 4 damage. (2006-05-05 17:20)

Thordulf says "May the spirits be with you brave Brave... *Thordulfs eyes turn inside out*" (2006-05-05 17:20)

Thordulf says "Be my guest..." (2006-05-05 17:20)

Foo Fighter says "The poison darts will make you fell no pain, brother lama, and don't forget to drink of that brown liquid, too!" (2006-05-05 17:21)

lama says "I'm ready, Ancestors, please, take my blood! Drink it and give the power to my brothers in WickSick!"

Thordulf says "My last bottle goes to Lama!" (2006-05-05 17:21)

Wambayak attacks you for 3 damage. (2006-05-05 17:21)

Thordulf attacks you for 3 damage. (2006-05-05 17:21)

Thordulf attacks you for 3 damage. (2006-05-05 17:21)

Wambayak attacks you for 3 damage. (2006-05-05 17:22)

Wambayak attacks you for 3 damage. (2006-05-05 17:22)

Wambayak attacks you for 3 damage. You die. (2006-05-05 17:22)

Thordulf says "WOoOoOoOohh..." (2006-05-05 17:22)

Thordulf says "Amazing!" (2006-05-05 17:23)

Thordulf says "So now we drink, chant and sing. And plead to the spirits of course..." (2006-05-05 17:24)

Taking Possession of Derby

the pictures can be found here: [1]

Coming Home to Wiksik

After killing hapless Derbians on end, all the heads got hard to carry, so most of the Headhunters decided to return to Wiksik, where several mythical figures and other native stalker heads were collected.

Visiting Our Friends in Raktam

Getting a bit bored in good old Wiksik, the Headhunters decided to visit their native neighbor village Raktam to socialize for some outsider hunting and serious ritual business. The most prominent inhabitants of fair Raktam attended our gatherings, and noted them with satisfaction. Also, Sir James Frazer of ASSI attended one of the rituals, so we expect to get books full of this thing called fame in no time. An account of our opening ceremony by our host can be found here: [2]

Looting the Shipwreck

Our merciless crackdown on the pirate hideout is still ongoing, expect reports of our brave deeds soon!

The raid turned out to be a big success that you can read here: [3]

Doing Business in Dalpok

After collecting many stinky pirate heads at the shipwreck, the WickSick Headhunters climbed the crow's nest of the unforunate boat and set their eyes on Dalpok. This native village turns out to be the constant target of many outsiders and pirates and we surely won't miss to take some of their heads home as trophies!

Meeting up in Wiksik

In anticipation of a great cultural event, we meet up in Wiksik and take the heads of all outsiders hiding in or around the village. During our stay there, we had skirmishes with wannabe rogue pirates, whose head we gladly collected.

Holidays at the Head-Take Hotel

Punctually with the start of the summer, the WickSick Headhunters went to the beaches and started to fight for picturesque wooden huts that were occupied by pale or now red stinky outsiders. Spread the towels!

Roaming the Jungle

After relaxing in Derby, the WickSick Headhunters decided to roam the jungle for no apparent reason. Who knows what they are up to....

Durham Headhunting Contest

Several weeks of inactivity were ended by a shrill call to the machetes: The first Durham Headhunting Contest was announced: [4]

During the contest, which turned out to be great fun, there was a forum migration, so the history of the WickSick Headhunters continues here: [5]

Notorious Headhunter Lama was the proud winner of this most challenging competition.

Embrace Death Contest

Being forced to stay alive as long as possible during the Durham adventure, the Headhunters decided for a change of pace and announce the Embrace Death Contest, promising yet another heavy sword to the one who will die most in the same stretch of time: [6]

Warboss Grimteef terrorized the people of York with dying most.

The Derby Derby

After relaxing dying, the hunt was on again - the Derby Derby was announced: [7]

Read what happened here: [8]

Foo Fighter won this contest in a heartbeat race.